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Monday, January 27, 2014

Homegrown Spying by our own Government

No music Monday this week.  This is more important.  Now, after reading this, I recommend a good cry, not some sissy little tears and sniffles, but one of those good old fashioned  Terrible Two's "Throw yourself to the floor kicking and screaming bawl" sort of cry.  Yes, even Guy types!  It helps with all forms of  STRESS! 

After that, get up, wash your face and write to every one in Washington DC, from the PREZ clear down to the freshman House members about this.   They need to hear the PULSE OF THE NATION, not just of the NRA.  *spits*

Here's the Opening statement:

"Media reports since last June have revealed that the US government conducts domestic and international surveillance on a massive scale, that it engages in deliberate and covert weakening of Internet security standards, and that it pressures US technology companies to deploy backdoors and other data-collection features. As leading members of the US cryptography and information-security research communities, we deplore these practices and urge that they be changed."

This is the LINKIE to the Open Letter (from a PDF file from the web).  The Professors and others who signed this Letter are not against enough surveillance to protect the American People.  The signatories to the document make that plain.

Blue Monday.  Just slap me!

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