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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Share

Kate's blog is on the Five Minute Friday Button in the side bar.  When you get to her blog, click the home tab,and you will see the latest prompt word.  Today, of course it is ,"share".

The rules are simple.  Write, flat out for five minutes, not worrying too much about structure, punctuation or spelling.  Just write about what ever comes to your mind in the theme of the prompt word for five minutes.

Then go to the link up at Kate's, and leave your link.  Then be sure to leave some encouragement for your neighbor FMFer.  This very fun to do.

When I was a baby girl i had to share a room with my cousin who was 7 months older than I was.  We were like little sisters growing up at our Grandparents farm.  Boy could we ever get into trouble!
When i was older i had to share with my brothers, and then a little sister.  We shared terror and sometimes a lot of joy, especially when we were able to ride our bikes up by the dam or down to the big river and play in the willow trees.  My brother and sister and I also shared a bedroom because the tiny house we lived in was built from an old chicken coop and only had two tiny bedrooms.  There were four of us at the time because our brother Andre was still alive. I distinctly remember two women coming to check up on us when mother went to to work one day.  They were asking us a lot of questions, but I was old enough to know who they were.  They were from child welfare, but I had cleaned the house, and we were playing in the yard when they came by.   I didn't share with them.

We shared the chores of feeding the rabbits and chickens but oddly my brother never had to do the dishes which I thought was terribly unfair.  but we also shared a big bag  of fruit and sugared cereal when we went to the movies about every other Saturday.  We worked for quarters to be able to have a candy bar we could split that, too.  My brother sister and i are still really close, and we all share the same sort of ironic sense of humor.  It's been lovely to have siblings to share life with.  that's it. all the time!

this was written by hunt and peck method on the net book, and I hope you can read and enjoy what I've shared about my family life with my brother and sister.
Have a happy weekend and  remember to keep in touch, if you are able, with your family, and the cousins, too.


  1. Thanks for sharing....get it...sharing LOL. I had 4 older brothers and a younger sister. We all remain close as well. Losing one of my brothers a couple of years ago has been the hardest loss I have had to deal with in my life thus far.

    1. Oh Wendy, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Bro.

      My little bro was so sick that the adults sort of expected it, but we didn't and our mother was just never the same joyful person after that. I think she knew something we never knew. Sending Big Hugs!

  2. I was watching my two children yesterday and felt so joyous, seeing them share themselves with each other, realising that they'd always have each other to share their joys/troubles with.....I so loved reading your post which touches on similar thoughts. Thank you! [A FMF friend]

    1. twillbloom, hi hi! Thank you for reading my post!

      I'm devoting part of the day to resting and reading everyone's posts at FMF and Friday5.. that and the laundry. lol

  3. I really enjoyed reading about you and your siblings. Big families just had to share, back in the day!

    1. Thank you Paula, and yes, big families had to share. We have four DD's and a little bit bigger house but still they all shared a room with someone, Big Sisters and the Little Sisters.

      Then we had my sister for almost a year, and also two of the Big Sister's friends for awhile, too. 18 is too young, in my opinion, to be chucked out into the world, so we picked up some of those kids and held their hands for awhile. Don't regret a minute of it! And, there were fewer left overs! Everyone appreciated that. lol

  4. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday! Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my two sisters. It was quite cozy and fun, yet challenging at times. I shared a room with my sister until I moved out and got married. Oh the fun times we had in there. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Thank you BARBIE, and yes, it is fun to share. I think kids might be a little lonely if they don't have to share. But then I think it's a good thing if they have a room of their own if there is only one sister or brother. Now that singleton might be a LOT happier not having to share. I can't imagine being a boy, for instance, and having to share with any number of girls. We'd pick that little chicken to death! hahaha.. or vice versa.

  6. Zippi,
    I am the oldest of five, but only one brother in the mix. You sound like you had some great memories with them!
    Outdoor adventures with my siblings, exploring and hiking through blackberries, making "forts", I'll cherish those moments in childhood where we shared adventure. I never did like sharing sodas, so I'd make a deal: if I was allowed the first three drinks, they got the rest of the can!
    Thanks for reading my FMF and commenting, so I could find yours and read it as well!

  7. Hey there, Tammy, fellow FMF blogger. Sharing soda's was not much fun, I agree! They were usually warm and too fizzy. lol.

    And "forts" we also built. That's what I remember about childhood with my sibs, before we moved from mother's little farm. We had wood lots around us, at that bend in the river, and got to play a lot in them. Cherished memories, those are. Thanks for the return visit, and sharing your sharing memories with your sibs.


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