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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Post Operative rant caused by inflammation of the Credulity Glands. YES ITS A RANT

This email was sent to me by a reader of my blog:

"Prominent Michigan Cancer Doctor Pleads Guilty: ‘I Knew That It Was Medically Unnecessary’
Dr. Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan, admitted in court to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer. Fata also admitted to giving them chemotherapy drugs for the purpose of making a profit. The cancer doctor’s guilty plea shocked many in the courtroom, according to The Detroit Free Press. Fata owned Michigan Hematology Oncology, which had multiple offices throughout Detroit’s suburbs. Fata’s reach included offices in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy, and Oak Park, Michigan. The doctor stated his plea in the absence of a plea deal and with tearful eyes, according to CBS News.
“It is my choice,” Fata said on Tuesday of his guilty plea.
In the Detroit courtroom, the cancer doctor named numerous, dangerous drugs that he prescribed to his patients. With each admittance he stated, “I knew that it was medically unnecessary.”
U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade will seek life in prison for what she called “the most egregious” health care fraud case she has ever seen."

This was my reply- with a few little extra Rants.  Yes, it's a RANT, and I don't care what anyone thinks because there are so many mistakes made in hospitals and by doctors.  I have no idea why but this is my experience and I'm sharing it.

Holy Cow! I wonder how many more are out there?

The mistake that put me into the hospital with a massive liver and gall bladder inflammation that spread to my pancreas, was made by a doctor.
I'm positive that it was just oversight on their part, as well as not checking this stuff out totally. And, probably not knowing the stuff could cause pancreatitis in the presence of other drugs, and had once been removed from the market because of that. Somehow, probably because the drug company complained bitterly about it and/or the FDA caved to pressure, it was re-instated.

I feel almost as bad as a lab rat, in fact, if an autopsy was ordered, I would have been just like a lab rat! Poor little things... Gott in Himmel!

It's a good thing that I know my body so well. The hospital then proceeded to give me a medicine that I had already shown allergy to- if they had checked the records. I was too gagga from illness to notice! I was so ill by that time that just about all I could do was try to not die by staying as calm as possible.

So, then, back at the clinic after the surgery, which was done by an excellent team by the way- my cardiologist just kept giving XX (that's the standard designation for poison) to me because he didn't bother to check his own records!

It was His Nurse -God Bless the Nurses!- who found the first report of sensitivity (noted in the record from months before) when I called to ask about why my voice was disappearing or getting really high, and why my legs were covered with flat round red dots.

I already had LOOKED on the WebMd website and they reported that it was allergy to the channel blocker the hospital had prescribed me while there. No one there, apparently, thought to check the doctor's records!

And, when I saw him, the Cardiologist, afterwards, he re-prescribed it to me without referring to his own records.

I was still recovering from Surgery, and I was gagga from the starvation, no sleep for four days and surgery drugs, all of which are now designed to make it so you never remember anything about the surgery, at all! They quite frankly make you stupid for weeks on end! I missed the allergic reaction for awhile myself until I knew something was very, very wrong!

I feel like you pay them a lot of money to take care of you and even some of the best can't do that little bit of reading a chart or the records?!!???

I'm blogging all of this, without your name or anything ... this really pisses me off!


  1. It is scary to know how many mistakes are made in hospitals. Some of them are honest mistakes. Some of them are just because of laziness. Some of them are carelessness. But that doctor who KNOWINGLY diagnosed his patients with cancer and then gave them powerful chemotherapy should spend the rest of his life in prison. All patients should be encouraged to get a second opinion. I am sorry for what happened to you Zippi!

    1. Oh I couldn't agree more about that Doctor who KNOWINGLY diagnosed for cancer! The friend who sent that first part said that she thought he 'should be made to sit,(tied to an uncomfortable hard metal chair),with dying cancer patients in a hospice or hospital every day until they die for the rest of his life !" I absolutely agree!

      Thanks for your words about my experiences. I've learned from it. And hopefully I'll no longer be so nice or naive or so trusting. I'm taking a LIST of allergies with me wherever I go, and will make sure that every nurse knows them so doctors don't prescribe them. I also plan to read WebMD or John Hopkins, or other similar sites BEFORE I get any drug filled, EVER again. I took that dangerous junk for two weeks until it killed my gallbladder. RIP innocent one.

  2. Scary stuff when you put your life into someone's hands and they turn out to be incompetent. Unfortunately, every profession has them. Fortunately most are good and fair and caring. Sorry you got the bad apple and sorry that so many in my homestate were duped by this man who allowed $$$ to become his god.

    1. I think the two doctors involved are pretty good doctors. But, every patient is not the same, particularly if they are are showing obvious signs of drug sensitivities! And yes, one was at fault of NOT READING HIS OWN NOTES! I'm saddened because how many others are getting short changed by this doctor whose focus is not 100% on task?

      It's very scary, Wendy. Tens of thousands die in hospitals every year in this country because of errors or mistakes made there. And every patient should inform themselves of the side effects and dangers of a particular drug before they waste money on it. All this stupid drug was for was to try to bring my so called Bad Cholesterol down. I'm already on two herbals that do that, because I refused to take statins based on my BIL experience and suffering. Guess what. I quit eating wheat and my Cholesterol numbers improved in the balance. Wheat is not GMO but growers load it up with roundup before harvest, to increase the yield. What sort of unscrupulous practice is that?

  3. Would you believe that this "doctor" used to practice out of the hospital that I work at and the group that he used to belong to still practice there? Oh yes, one good thing about working there is knowing who's shady and who isn't and believe me, there are some shady and outright incompetent one's out there. Working in health care has made me very suspect of the entire system. I know that mistakes happen in any field but these are people's lives at stake and yet some of these docs seem more concerned about their tee off time then whatever is going on with their patients. Probably my biggest gripe with healthcare is that it's not a true health care system in that they are not really trying to get people well. It's a "disease" management system, they aren't actually trying to cure anyone, they're just trying to keep symptoms at bay with pills (lots of them) and procedures. Some of the fault however does lie with the general populace. People want to eat crap and not exercise yet, have none of the consequences of doing so. For example the backlash against people who would like to change school lunches and get kids exercising and eating better, cant infringe on people's "freedumb". They end up sick, fat and then they just want to take a pill to deal with it. It's a system that perpetuates itself.

    1. I agree with all that you say about our "healthcare" system. I also agree wholeheartedly about a person's obligation to eat right, get enough exercise, and limit the amount of medication that you will take for little things like an aging bladder. Why I wasn't more rigorous about refusing Zetia I will never know.

      And, I don't believe that Cholesterol is our problem. There really is no science behind that at all. I think it's poisonous foods, and the more you eat of it, there worse it gets for you.

      I think that kids and their parents want healthier lunches at school. You wouldn't believe the FIGHT that started, or maybe you do believe it, based on what you said. It really should start in getting kids involved in growing food, like community gardens or like the gardens that are being grown right IN the elementary schools. Get 'em started when they are Youngsters, and there's a better chance of change.


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