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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday- Honor Killings a Human Rights Violation of the worst kind; Trash Backwards Site; knitting blah blah, new David Austin rose

I'm VERY thankful not to be subject to Honor Killings, those terrible aberrations that are not only despicable, they are becoming more wide spread.  I watched a documentary, Link HERE, about groups who are trying to stop this Byzantine behavior amongst humans.  Actually, It goes back to before the Romans who also practiced it!  But I digress.

These women featured risk their lives to help others.  So, if any of you who work against this despicable Human Rights Abuse should see this, I am thankful for you to have been born and for the work you are doing!  This hurts women and their children and I feel that it has nothing to do with religion.  After all, why did the Romans do this, too?

May God Bless you and all who you help.  May the ones who do this see that it is not supposed to be this way.  May you remember the Fatima, how her father defended her:

"'The Holy Prophet said: 'Whoever injures (bodily or otherwise) Fatima, he injures me; and whoever injures me injures Allah; and whoever injures Allah practices unbelief. O Fatima! If your wrath is incurred, it incurs the wrath of Allah; and if you are pleased, it makes Allah pleased, too.' "

Ok, now for something completely different:

I'm thankful for Recycling bloggers!  This one is called "Trash Backwards" and you can see it HERE.   Originally I was looking for what to do with the mylar that CLIF Builder's Bars are wrapped in.  I did find some creative things to do with mylar, including chip bags - cleaned and reversed for wrapping up stuff to gift. Mylar does not make very good snowflakes.  *sigh*

I am thankful for the internet, but this has already been said like THREE- Yawwwwwn- times.  So, some actual web sites will be  tucked in, and maybe a few will migrate to the side bar in my long list of favorite haunts.  For fun things as well as other "Wake up we need you to know this is going on!" sorts of things, I am thankful for the INTERNET!!

Isn't that nifty? HERE'S the link to this part.
Within that last link is another link to the hilarious facebook page about Sun Chip bags that were so noisy that no one could hear conversations over them while noshing.  It's called, "SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIP BAG!"  If you are on Facebook you will be able to log in and see it.

Anyway, keep on the sunny side of life!  It's where the best stuff is, though we do learn lessons from everything both our own trials and tribulations as well as those of others, it's a darn sight more happy when those are over!  Let's change things and THEN relax a  bit!

This music video is a little bit muzzy but all of the Carter Gals, and the Cash family are in it.  Lovely...

Wonky Woman report:  This is a new week, with some good news from the MRI, my ears are, indeed, in straight.  But I get to visit with some quite benign Physiotherapists, and other more SCARY doctors - neurologists- to get the all clear.  We, the Audiologist and I, think it's good news though, on the whole.  I'd be glad to be rid of balance problems and the wicked, sick headaches.

Knitted hat report:  Earlier last night I cast on yet again, fellow knitters, I'm going back at it on the hat.  I made every single mistake a knitter could make on the first attempt.  I had to cast on three (THREE!) separate times, then got the pattern dead wrong in trying to make TWELVE stitch wide cables instead of the called for SIX stitch ones... please don't laugh...

and that was that, said the woman to the hat.  As to spaced out knitting, maybe I'm distracted or maybe I'm past it, but I'm willing to set my troubled little paws back onto the needles because I LOVE THIS HAT too much to give up on it.

And today, the Knit Picks catalog came, so I'm off to drool over it!  And there is a new Sunset Magazine, and there is a new rose from David Austen.  It's called, "The Lady Gardener" ; it's an apricot colored rose with a gorgeous scent.  I am going to do my best to lay hands on it!  It sounds like just the right medicine for me!

My own lovely Apricot Nectar,
Overblown and....
desperately trying for a David Austen photo Op.
And the Torts, 
will have a new BBF!

As a new  Best Food Forever
The new superstar......
The Lady Gardener Rose: Picture from HERE

Knitting, and gardening, and reading Jane Austen Novels on the Kindle is a very peaceful life for which I thank God.  I wish that every woman in the world could have this sort of Peace.

Well, to be honest, I wish this for the guys, too, but they'd probably rather work on Motorbikes, cars, boats, or wooden things, or maybe plant fruit trees or build decks, and I'm sure they'd rather read Woodworker's Magazine or maybe Sports Illustrated.  Ok, I wish them THAT sort of Peace.  ;-)

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