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Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Minute Friday- visit

The word of the week is: Visit.  I'm not fond of this word but I'll try to b a good sport.  Visit is a sore point with me, as I saw so much suffering from the partings.

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Begin:  Visit...

My father, the Paternal unit, through pure vile meanness, didn't care to let us live near to my mother's family- they all, who despite the parental unit's opinions of them, still attempted to love him.  This was because my mother did. and they loved her and me an awful lot.

The Paternal Unit has never felt love for anyone.  He's incapable of it.  So, after being summarily whisked off to California, mother and her children, my little brother and I, had to make do with very infrequent visits to and sometimes, fro.  This meant that Mother didn't get to visit either of her parents or her aunt B before they passed away.

Because of the Paternal Unit's general unfriendly nature, we had few friends except for some army buddies of his that had also settled in Quonset huts in the early days after the war.  After we moved away, we still went back there for visits.  Housing was very slowly trying to catch up with the influx if new families, who worked on new army tanks, for Korea I presume, or other new industries, like aircraft.

We did visit those friends which made my mother's heart happier, she was a friendly, happy little woman in those days and loved visiting with the wives and we loved having kids around who were our age.



  1. It sounds like your mother was lovely! I am sorry you can't say the same of your father. My relationship with my father is also broken. It took me by surprise how that fact still affects me, even as an adult. We all long for a loving father figure in our lives.

  2. I'm sorry that you didn't have a good relationship with your father, either.

    What you say is very true. We look for a good man, a father, the rest of our lives, don't we? I eventually found mine in the Lord, the real Father. But, I found a Big Brother figure in a neighbor, who was wonderful. He and his wife, also wonderful, took us under their wings when we moved into this neighborhood many moons ago.

  3. The sins of the fathers haunt their families for so long....I pray that one day you will be able to forgive him for the hurt he caused...not for his sake but for yours.

  4. Yes they certainly do. And, I forgive him almost daily, Wendy. Someday I'll probably forget... the day I turn up my toes most likely. Lol!


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