~~ "The Heart Hath it's Own Memory" ~~
William Wordsworth Longfellow

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tales of the Tailless ones? Hope and Fear, Philosophy Tuesday?

Hope and Fear:

Both are thieves, as they slip into our lives and steal the present moment, the only one we have to live life in.

The present moment is the one where they play out their battles, religious ones presently, but territorial ones as well, and sometimes disguised as "humanitarian" just because we are become so greedy that so few of us actually will gladly share anything, or leave anyone else's "anything" alone for them to manage without our "help", that infamous "white man's burden"?

If  Mind is the builder, and I so believe that it is, then "Love thine Enemy", a phrase given us by none other than Jesus Christ,over 2000 years ago (and carrying with it nearly a commandment status!) is still something very important to build with the mind.

We are told by all the great teachers of any "Way Back to the True Reality of Being Human", that we have to, absolutely must, love one another unconditionally.  Yet we fear the "other", and fear breeds hatred, wars, disease, and eventually bad responses to famines in the Family of Man.

Personally, I'm sick of it all.
We are just in our infancy in learning that we are all connected and what happens in one place is going to happen where the rest of "us" are.  DNA proves that we are all of one species and origin. Notwithstanding that we all can interbreed and all have the same needs from the Earth, food, fresh water, shelter and rest and a myriad of daily supports that some of us take for granted, we have other proofs of our Oneness.

Our Hope, that other thief of living a real life, and in the present moment, will have to wait for another day.

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