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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday? Hahahaha!

Last year I  had the most amazing texting contest for April Fool's Day with my daughters. It was so much fun!

Also, I was in the hospital that day, and my adorable Night Charge Nurse - who came in to check vitals and meds - found out what I was doing.  She then let me in on the April Fool's trick she was planning, using texting, about her "secret" wedding.  She and I were whispering and laughing as she told me the plot.  She pulled it off, too!

Hope you have a fun day reading all the elaborate hoaxes cooked up around the web!


  1. I didn't get around to do anything to fool the kiddos for April Fools Day. I totally forgot. I was going to put a For Sale sign in our front yard for them to find when they got off the school bus. Would have been hilarious!

  2. Lordy that is a great April Fool's! Well, you know, you still can do this, or save it for next April Fool's Day. heeeheee... That is if they haven't shared in the joke yet.


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