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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Forget tiptoeing through the tulips.. The Good, The Not so Bad, and The Better.... Tuesday Tails!

The Good

Firstly, I'd like to tell about something sweet that happened on Saturday.

Mr. Z and Wolfie were walking before dinner, and a little white dog the same size and general appearance as Wolfie-curled over tail,etc- started following them.  It came almost all the way home with them. When Mr.Z  came through the door, he told me about it all.  I got worried about  the little fellow, so DH went back and called him, and he brought the dog home.  We then tried to figure out what to do.

The first thing was to ask up and down the street he was found wandering on if he belonged to someone. This took some time as DH stopped at each house, asked if anyone knew of this little dog, showing the picture he'd snapped of him. "Mr. White" had no collar, so therefore no tags.   When the door knocking revealed nothing, Mr. Z then took him to the After Hours pet hospital to see if he had been micro-chipped.  He had not been.   Meanwhile, I gave both dogs a treat, fed them dinner, and started getting attached.  heehee.

I also checked the on-line lost dog sites for anything that resembled this little Lad.  Mr. White was a little bit underweight, or maybe Wolfie's too fat or something, so I checked Mr. W's pads and toenails, and his body down the sides.  He was favoring one of his back legs so I gently felt that.  This patient fellow had been taken to the groomer because his nails were in perfect shape, and aside from the weight, looked to be well cared for.  His eyes were clear and so loving.  I wanted to keep him, of course, but tried not to fall head over heels.   Massive fail.  He and Wolfie were making friends, ate their treats companionably side by side on the little rug, and Mr. W. took commands!  He was trained!  This gave me hope that we would find the owners somewhere!  If not, I would hang on to him with all forty arms!

A lady, a neighbor who used to be our mail deliverer, came by with her two dogs.  The two nearly perfectly matched dogs inside went for her and her BIG dogs through the steel door, slamming it with their paws and noses with gusto, as if they'd gladly rip those dogs apart if they could just get to them. United in cause, they had to be dragged away from the door so that Mr. Z could go outside and talk to our neighbor without fear of a massive tangle of snapping jaws!

The neighbor/mail lady went to check one last house where no one came to the door on that street -they were busy cooking dinner we think- and, yes, it was their dog.  She called us on her telefonino to say that she'd found Mr. W's homeplace.  So the happy re-union took place up on the street corner, so that the Dos Perros Gang would not do a repeat of their massive door defenses.

I still want a white (or maybe a red) that looks like Wolfie but that little dog on Saturday wasn't "sent" to me by the kindly Up in-the-Clouds Dog Handlers.  I'm still hoping....

Now for the bad or maybe not so news......It will not be bad news if we stand up on our hind legs and get back out there and fight them off... 

Here's where tulips come into the story.

These guys plan to drag a harvester with a tiller through them.....the "tulips", I mean...

' "Green Business | Mon May 18, 2015 8:27pm EDT
Conservationists decry U.S. plan to retool endangered species rules

Conservationists decried a proposal on Monday by U.S. wildlife and marine animal managers to tweak rules tied to the federal Endangered Species Act, saying the plans would place "crippling" impediments to citizens petitioning to save imperiled creatures.

Under the proposal submitted for public comment by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service, those petitioning for such safeguards would have to use data from state wildlife agencies prior to submitting requests.

The changes "would provide greater clarity to the public and states on what information would best inform the evaluation of a species' status and result in better coordination with state wildlife agencies, which often have unique information and insights," the two agencies said in a statement.

But Noah Greenwald, endangered species director for the Center for Biological Diversity, said the proposal seeks to stall or even prohibit protections for endangered creatures.

"The proposed changes to federal regulations add additional, fairly substantial burdens on petitioners, particularly citizen-scientists trying to stop a species from dying out. The proposal tries to shut that down and cut the public out," he said. (Italics are mine)

Measures floated during the 60-day public comment period include barring petitions tied to more than one creature and requiring advance notice of the petition to states where such species are found, said Greenwald.

U.S. wildlife and marine life managers said retooling the regulations would "incentivize" voluntary conservation efforts tied to the nation's hallmark conservation law.

"The protection and restoration of America's proud natural heritage would not be possible without the Endangered Species Act and the close collaboration among states, landowners and federal agencies that the act promotes," U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said in a statement.

(Reporting by Laura Zuckerman in Salmon, Idaho; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Eric Walsh)" '

My Thoughts: I think we are going to have to fight even harder if these changes are "tweaked".  The story below took years to come about!  It took YEARS to save 170 acres for a little frog species that's almost become just a footnote somewhere in a government document of extinct frog species.

It does seem that the more "We, the People"(You all know who the People are.  "The People"  are the ones who pay the taxes, and who own the public lands in common) try to save the last amazing places (or creatures) on Earth, the more some real jerks want to mess it all up!

It's our money, and our land, and we can still have it the way we want it as long as we keep up the fight for both the land,  and the creatures who need those unspoiled lands so desperately.

We just need to remember the Seven Generations Credo that was lent to us by the Native Americans who kept faith with this land for 20,000 to 15,000 years before us.

And the best for last....

The Good News!  Two things!

But then there is a victory every once in awhile that makes the heart start healing:

Goes to the Page about this little frog's preservation

And..... Dog Rescues!

And a rescued pet-trade breeder dog plays with one of the rescuers.  Where was the rescue?  Costa Rica...

See the story HERE .  Of course they ask for a donation but look at the work they are doing.  They will go anywhere in the world to rescue pets.

This calls for Kudo for the Humane Society International.  They give me hope for this world!

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