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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Music: 6 String Hub-jo, the Canjo's cousin, and "Feelin; Bad Blues" on a Weissenborn. The Yes Ma'am String Band playing out of New Orleans.

I SO love All  stringed instruments,

They make me very happy, from the Tub bass-  New Orleans Yes Ma'am String Band and all the way onward.  This for a bit of fun during August... August Happiness Challenge.. Monday

Meet the 6 String Hub-jo: This one crafted by David Oakes.

A quote from The blurb on this YouTube:  
"Life has so much fun if we just go along for the ride !"

And then there is this beautiful song, "Feelin' Bad Blues" on a Weissenborn guitar.

For Jimmie, who plays, for Country Dew who plays, and for all the other amazing musicians out there.  Play on!  Play On Brothers and Sisters!!

Hope you enjoyed the musical adventure.  I loved putting this together.


  1. Wow. The "Feelin' Bad Blues" - it's amazingly good. Thank you for sharing! Wonderful!

    1. The musician has talent! I'm not sure, but I think that in the movie, "Passion Fish", a Weissenburg guitar provided some of the music. When I first watched the film, I thought that it was a dobro or maybe what I heard was a slide on a steel guitar.


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