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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Music: Billy Swan singing his song, "I Can Help"

From the time it was released in 1974, I loved this song!  I loved those rockin, rollin, swingin rhythms.  Still love it.

Hope you do, too.  "I Can Help" was a crossover smash hit and everyone was swaying to the music while cooking dinner, mopping floors, and listening to the car radio on the way to and from work or school.

When it came on, I'd turn up the radio and dance in the kitchen or around the house with one of the twins in my arms.  Good times!


  1. Yes!!!!! I have always loved this. Thanks for sharing, I think it gets hardly any radio play anymore. You made me :-))

    1. Isn't it a wonderful song?!! You're welcome, Karen! In the comments in YouTube, a guy said, "Am I the only one who remembers this great song?" or something near to that.


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