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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dogs on Cowles mountain- save a little life!!!

I'm posting this, because a dog just died up there in 100 degree heat and no shade.

Not a Good Place for Pets
Danny in San Diego
Cowles Mountain is great. Not great for your pet. I work in the Veterinary Field and have seen many cases of Bloat, Heat Exhaustion, Rattle Snake Bites and Dog Attacks- Directly from Cowles. Bloat happens when pet owners allow dogs to gulp water before, during or after taking on the mountain. Surgery = apx 4000 Heat Exhaustion. It is simply too hot. Going in the dawn or dusk poses a higher risk to snake bites. Most pet owners do not notice the early signs of Heat Exhaustion, time it takes to get off the mountain, in the car, and to a veterinarian can cause severe harm to your pet. Heat Exhaustion = apx 2000 Rattlesnakes are prevalent at Cowles. I have seen several myself, including a Red Diamond. As mentioned above, Dawn and Dusk are times were reptiles move about most often. So, trying to avoid the heat may lead you and your pet to a great chance encounter with a Rattler. Rattlesnake bites are Serious! Even if your pet has had a Rattlesnake Vaccine. If your pet is bitten, Every Second is Critical. You must think about the time, to get off the mountain, in the car, to a veterinarian, the out coming is often fatality. Treatment of a Rattlesnake bite, is not just a "Anti-Venom Shot" it is the administration of Anti-Venom. Often, patients can use multiple vials of anti-venom. The pet is also going to need hospitalization and after care. Rattlesnake bites can cause life time coagulation problems. Rattlesnake Bite Treatment - apx 4000 Lastly, dog attacks. Sadly, with San Diego having so many Dog Parks and Beaches the most frequent case in the veterinary ER is lacerations. It's probably not your dog's fault. Cowles Mountain is Not a Leash-Free area, but people do it all the time. And if you think you can get the attackers information to have him/her cover the cost, you are wrong. My best advice, is do NOT use retractable leashes. Be sure the your dog's collar will Not slip off (Try a Martingale style collar) and be aware of your dog's surroundings. Sorry to be a Negative Nancy- but it's the truth.

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