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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday9- Ringo stikes again!

It Don't Come Easy

Come on over and join the Fun!  We don't have any rules, because we all hate rules but we all LOVE Memes!

Here the song HERE

1) This was Ringo's first big hit as a solo artist. Who is your favorite member of his old, very famous group, The Beatles?

George Harrison. 
He was a great musician and the most creative, and I loved that some of his songs got included at least some of the time.

2) In this song, Ringo sings that you have to pay your dues. Do you belong to any organizations that require you to pay dues?

No.  I am completely "free range".

3) He also sings, "you don't have to shout." When did you last raise your voice?

I have to raise my voice nearly every day.  But not in anger.  I do it for the sake of clarity.  Actually my favorite Ringo song is, "Act Naturally".  I love to sing harmony with this one!


4) Ringo has two piercings on each ear and one tattoo on each arm. Do you have more piercings or body art?

A. I have three piercings in each ear.

5) Ringo gave his first wife, Maureen, a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Frank Sinatra made a recording of "The Lady Is a Tramp" personalized to her. Tell us about one of your most memorable birthday celebrations.

Picture from Ebay seller site

I think that would be the year I got a tea set, complete tea set, from my mother.  It was "Moss Rose" and only two cups and a saucer are left.  Sometimes it upsets me to think that I lost a lot of things dear to my heart along the way.

6) Ringo appeared as Mr. Conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine. He recorded the narration for the entire first season in just a week. Tell us what you did last week.

I did blog posts, watched Netflix, answered a bunch of questions Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which was fun.  I went to see my sister and snagged a head's up for some fantastic candy to make for Christmas, and then I threw out more junk here at home.  The ceramic mags are no more.  

Oh, and I ate three meals a day except one day I forgot to eat lunch.  I killed things in a game we play to get giant pumpkins, and the kits to carve them.  I also watched the birds take baths in the bird baths.  I chased a cat out of the yard.  Let's see, I think that's about all.

7) Ringo also did the narration for Ladybird children's books. Do you like audiobooks?

Yes, and no.  I like the single one that I've bothered to get out of the library but, so far, I can live without them.  I've got more books than I can read, officially went over that mark about a year or two ago.  So, I'm good.

8) As a boy in Liverpool, Ringo loved watching American westerns. His passion for the genre is reflected in the outfit he's wearing on the sleeve for "It Don't Come Easy." Do you like cowboy movies/shows?

I like Westerns, or Oaters, as they are sometimes called.  I did not like "Lonesome Dove", just cannot STAND that thing.  

I like to watch episodes of "Longmire" and can't wait 'til the next season hits Netflix. 

9) You know what else don't come easy? Nine questions every week. Crazy Sam has heard it all: this meme asks too many movie questions, too many questions about sports, too many questions that sound familiar ...  OK, now it's your turn. Help a tired meme mistress out. Contribute a random question that is not about movies or sports (pro or collegiate) and has never been asked before on this meme. Sam will compile these for an all-random Saturday 9 in November. That way she'll get a much-appreciated week off. Thanks for your help!

 Really Sam, I think you do a great job but....  I'll try...

Right now.... 

Ok.  Have you ever been faced with the challenge of having to tell a lie to save a friend from the consequences of a bad decision?  Too brutal?  

Ok, let's see.  When was the last time that you bought an expensive food item that you found tasted so bad that you took one bite, spat it out, and put the rest into the trash?  Ok, still too unpleasant.  

Three's the charm?  What would you do if you were given the chance to go back in time and remove all the Quarks from the Universe?



  1. I loved your answer about what you did last week. Cracked me up!!! Silly girl. ;) Also, your questions...! From lies to food to quarks?! Talk about free-range, indeed. Haha!

    1. Dear Melanie, it is a pleasure to entertain you. *bows* heehee

  2. You were a busy, busy girl. Ever since I went to progressive lenses, I have found myself listening more and more to books and doing less reading. It is so hard to see.

    1. Yes, amazing how all that little stuff adds up, lol.
      I know what you mean about those lenses, CountryDew. I got a pair about 15 years ago and never again will I do that. What I settled on was buying a medium windowed pair of bifocals plus a pair of prescription reading glasses; this was so that I can knit and watch a movie, or sit and read as well as to be able to work on close work with a large enough lens. Not being able to read a book is for the birds.

  3. My mother collected tea sets. I inherited a lot of them. Unfortunately, she had few sets that were actually full sets. :)

    1. Lucky lady! You should use or display them. Tea party sets are going eclectic now-a-days. Some I've seen in my sister's chi-chi mags are made up of six or so different patterns of cup and saucer sets, an unmatched teapot, and the creamer and sugar bowl match each other and nothing else! Everything is considered quite Chic!
      Me? I would love to be able to have a full set of Royal Albert Old English Rose. Lol

  4. I'm going to have to give Longmire a look.

  5. "Longmire" is named for the lead Character, Walt Longmire, who is noble, and honorable and many layered. He's complex is what I suppose I want to say. I hope you give the show a look in. This show makes me want to visit Wyoming and read the books. I've never seen Wyoming. This is sort of funny because it's really filmed in New Mexico which I have seen quite a bit of.


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