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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tails. How to make Hermit Crabs happy and feel at home.

Even though these little pets don't have tails, I think this is an adorable,and also well informed, video made by a couple of kids.  I couldn't pass up the chance to share it.  In another, follow up video they show how to give an Hermit Crab a bath.

Sometimes I've wanted to have Hermit Crabs, but I'm glad that I didn't.  A dog is simpler to keep happy!  My brother did have a hermit crab for a pet, but I'm not sure anymore how that all worked out.  One time we had Chuckwallas, and the rats started biting the dickens out of them!  We had to separate the two species.  They couldn't even be in the same room!

The rats were ferocious when trying to prey on the poor, docile chucks.  I know, stupid kids.  But we did find a good place for the Chuckwallas.  We took them to University of Riverside to a Biology professor who, in turn, took them back to the desert when his next trek came up.

I love unusual pets but haven't the energy anymore to take care of little things that might die at the drop of a hat.  So much more is known about small, quiet pets now, so they are getting more popular again.

These kids have really put a lot of effort into their Hermit Crab care and share the knowledge.  Bless them for caring so well for their tiny charges.  Seeing the size of this one below, it really is important to sort them by size because Big ones will eat Little ones.  Ewwww  But, that's The Crab World for ya.

SOURCE- But I don't like the way the site is constructed.


  1. I spent a year living in Monterey as a youngster and I remember being completely fascinated by hermit crabs (and the ocean too, of course).

  2. Monterey is one place I could have lived my whole life in, given the chance. It's so beautiful there. So much to see and to study. You have had an interesting life!


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