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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Keep on Truckin' Mama, Truckin' those Blues away.....My own Marmalade recipe.. for my records..

The Meyer's Lemons were small, and thin skinned, mostly from surviving the drought.  Poor things.  What I did notice, when the marmalade was fully cooked, was that it was a little more bitter than last year.  Of course, lemon marmalade does have this wonderful taste anyway.  It's a like it or loathe it sort of jam.  UPDATE:  I would cut the cooking times and soak the juice and rind longer, like overnight in the fridge and add about a cup of water for this amount of fruit.  The lemons were small and sere.

Final cooking is done

Average size of the Lemons was 2 inches in diameter
They were tiny compared to the last ones used for batches made before water restriction.

I used three cups juice and rind,
consisting of a dozen lemons and the juice only from three.
Plus the equal amount of three cups of sugar.
So, the cooking time for just the fruit was 15 minutes ( with a stir after seven and half minutes) and after letting the rinds soften in the juice for about 40 minutes just sitting their in the big red pyrex bowl.

Then came the equal part of sugar, stirred in, which was three cups, and another cooking time of 15 Minutes in two segments, with a stir in between.   That same bubble arose at the very end of the cooking cycle so that was fun to watch.  ;o)

This same recipe is good for any mix of citrus fruits, but remember that you need to add a little more juice if you live in drought stricken areas.  Next time I'm making orange and blood orange marmalade because, as I said, you have to have a taste for the lemon marmalade, and the other marmalade is for Christmas Presents.

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