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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday-sort of a rambler: Poetry and Poets, and those who "mock" them...

I'm grateful for poetry...it lightens the burdens, or sometimes not.  From the Psalms to E.E. Cummings, and on to Sylvia Plath and the more modern, I love it all.

An Aside:  It is said  that Life is what's happening while we are busy making plans.  Well, I don't think I'll ever lose my temper for any reason ever again.  It's gone and frankly, it took a genetic sharpshooter to get rid of it.  There is an Ethereal calm that has taken over my mind, and it's here to stay.

So many things I thought were of top priority have fallen straight into oblivion.  But, this is not true for poetry, or beautiful art, whether in the form of song, rhyme, drawing, photography, or Mother Nature.

Ah, yes, back to Poetry:
While cleaning some dusty spaces,  I came across a little book of poetry from 11 grade English Lit class.  I thought the book lost, but it was just tucked up under some others from a hasty clearing out of a set of shelves several years ago.  In that long ago time, I'd circled a few lines from "Merlin and Vivien", and since they were one of my favorites in the book, I'm sharing them.  Of course, Tennyson put some very pretty words into the mouth of his villain, but enjoy them just the same.....

Alfred Lord Tennyson:  from "Merlin and Vivien"
Idylls of the Kings and Other Poems 
"In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours,
Faith and unfaith can ne'er be equal powers:
Unfaith in aught is want of faith at all.

It is the little rift within the lute,
That by and by will make the music mute,
And ever Widening slowly silence all.

The little rift within the lover's lute,
Or little pitted speck in garner'd fruit,
That rotting inward slowly moulder all.

It is not worth the keeping: let it go:
But shall it? Answer,  darling answer, no.
And trust me not at all or all in all"
Sadly, the speaker was lying....
Want to watch a campy, somewhat loopy little version of the whole thing?

This you tube was done by  a group (3) of female drama students, who actually did a pretty good job with next to nothing for props and staging.

I give you the The Powerpuff Girls.... they use mostly plain speech, all the more charming and funny.

I've watched this often, even though it's rather long.... 15 mins +

Advice, wanted or not:  Don't waste a minute of your life brooding. If nothing else, write a blistering, non-violent letter to someone in office whom you believe to be "Naughty", or an encouraging letter to someone you deem to be "Nice".  Be sure to then mail it, feel good about your public service .  Then take a little walk about to go look at flowers if there are any about, or check out web gardens, or birds, or maybe flickriver.

May you walk with Beauty all you.

Keep loving.  Remember, "Love is the closest thing we have to magic."  This quote is from the movie, "Aquamarine".  It's a kid's movie but really cheers a person up on a rainy day.


  1. Your talent for inspiration never ceases to amaze (and inspire) me. Thank you for that!

    1. Thank you for the encouraging comment, Karen. and thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you have a happy relaxing weekend. :-)


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