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Friday, February 26, 2016

10% Human, the book

"Dr Derrick MacFabe began his medical training in neuroscience and psychiatry.
During high school, he had worked with children with special needs, many of whom were autistic and had gastrointestinal (GI) problems. Later, whilst working as a qualified doctor at a hospital, MacFabe encountered patients with GI troubles who were deemed crazy or neurotic, and sent to the psychiatry ward instead. He also treated a patient who, like Miss A in Belgium, was admitted for sudden psychosis and was thought to be schizophrenic. But his GI symptoms gave away the true cause of his illness."

I think all persons who are struggling with diagnosis' should read what this amazing book sets forth so clearly.  We owe it to ourselves.

I'm thankful this book fell into my hands at just this moment.  It is a vindication of my daughter's long, arduous struggle to make sense of what was happening to her mind and body as she fell more ill.  She had only part of the picture but she was right!  The gut biomass has tremendous influence on our whole well being.


  1. I think you are so right! The gut has a tremendous influence on us! Hope things are going as easy for you as they can be!

  2. If people only knew. The majority of our body weight is in the hitch hikers we all carry thither and yon.
    Oh, and I have to cheer up or I will have to be hung by my neck until I do, I reckon. Nods, funny walks, and kudos to Mont Python.

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading this, Wendy. I think we are just now starting to solve some great mysteries of the human body and just now beginning to find out how interconnected every thing about the human animal, which we treat as separate, is actually unbreakably entwined.

  4. Checking in to send a hug and squeeze your way.

    1. Oh Karen, thank you! It has been a very sort of " limbo" day. Well, you know about these things..... First day of chemo.
      I've finished the sweater, having knit the sleeves and one front twice! I shake my head and something's rattling in it.
      But now for the hats, which will go very fast,


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