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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Sweater knitting, Birdsong, Beauty, and Songs from the Heart of Gladness

Beautiful, Beautiful!  Look HERE.

Thank you Pina; you've touched my heart.  Thank you,  thank you, dear friend, my Sister of the Heart!

Also, this book:
Nice but naughty?
This book is a knitter's little necessity.  Alas, it informed me that grafting off only works on one and one ribbing.  So, it will have to be a regular cast off and stitching together on the neck edge, which I'm afraid will drive Elle crazy when she tries to wear it.  But, we'll see.

The rest of the sweater can be sewn up decently which is a BOON! And, it's part of what I've done...

Pink Stardust this AM
A newer book which, in my distracted state I actually thought I owned, is coming from the Amazonian Jungle (jk) and will be here on Friday.  I'll see what they have to say about grafting 2X2 ribs.  I'm sorry that it's taken so long, sweet girl.

I believe the whole thing has been knit, in toto, at least 1.5 times, since I frogged the sleeves TWICE!  I will be happy to send it off very SOON with love knit into every, single stitch. 


  1. Thank you Paula. It's a beautiful yarn, warm, soft and lustrous, and strong. I'm going to finish it tomorrow, then"overnight" it to Elle.


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