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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

In the cleaning up of bits and pieces yesterday, I found this:

Wolfie was singularly unimpressed....

He whined to be petted after I kept saying to him, " See, there's your cousin,see?"
Then he just flipped over with a big sigh of resignation, and took a nap.

I'm grateful to see that the Arctic Wolf has been holding onto existence to this day.  It's still being argued about whether it is a separate species or is just a different color adaptation of the grey wolf, but it is still here.  Fur traders and others nearly slaughtered every single one, either by poison or bullets, during the late1800's and nearly up to the time this article was written in 1987.

After reading the article, I found the author's book, used, and bought it.  It will be arriving from the UK soon.  I'm thankful for the 7/24 nature of the web.

The only live wolf I've ever seen came running up to me in a slough when we were out bird watching. He wanted to be petted!

By the way, an iPad2 takes as good, almost, a picture as Apple's famous iPhone.  The Kindle, however, sucks at it!


  1. Why thank you, shortybear. I hope you have a sweet weekend, with some of your favorite things in it to make you smile. lots!

  2. I didn't realize that one could take pictures with a Kindle.
    Then again, you might be pulling our collective legs....

  3. You can take pictures with a kindle fire. That's what I have. The paperwhites, no. :-)


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