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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Who's Beautiful? Saturday9, that's who!

Saturday 9: You're Beautiful (2005)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The first line is of this song is, "My life is brilliant." Using one word, describe your life.
My life is Daily.

2)  This is about a chance encounter between strangers in a crowd, specifically the subway. What "crowded place" were you most recently in?  
I freaking live in an overcrowded Urban Plain that never stops but just stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Laguna Mountains.  If it's not choppers circling overhead, it's freeway noise, which is a constant "thrum" from 5am to 7pm.  I go outside to take photos of this amazing sunrise, and am assaulted by said "thrum" the instant the door is opened.  I love these amazing windows but I never open them!  That SOURCE link goes to a blog post titled, "Is that a Freeway in Your Back Yard?"


3) Near the very end of this song, James Blunt sings, "It's time to face the truth." Do you believe you face things head on? Or do you tend to deny or put off the unpleasant?
I'm a tough and raw life advocate.  My belief is that a person can't deny or put off some "freight train" bearing down on them, or they won't be able to jump out of the way.  What can be done is to work like hell on a defense,  do what must be done, and hope for the best.  I say, NEVER give up until it's time to lay down.  A person usually knows when that time is, too.  You'll know intuitively when that moment arrives. Anyway, that's the way I live it.

4) James Blunt went to an all-boys school. Some educators recommend single-sex classrooms because they maintain girls just naturally approach subjects like math and science differently than boys do. Do you agree?
No.  It's my experience that boys get a lot more attention in classrooms than girls.  Boys tend to be noisier and louder, and more disruptive.  And, I don't agree that girls approach math and science differently than do boys.  Girls are neither slower to "get it" nor are they slower to excel.  They do tend to not put themselves forward, which is sad and affects all the disciplines, not just Math and Science.

5) Blunt put his father in charge of his finances. Income taxes are top of mind for many of us this time of year. Do you do your own taxes? Or do you go to an accountant or tax preparation service?
I won't even tell E.F. Hutton things like that!

6)  In 2005, the year this song was a hit, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother was also popular.  Do you know how your parents met?
Yes.  And, do I wish they'd never met?  Yes.  Oh boy, "Back to the Future" dreamin'... 

7) 2005 is also the year Tom Cruise famously jumped on a sofa. Do you remember where he did this?
I didn't see it, but I hope that someone thought to get said sofa cleaned after he vented his "Girl of my Dreams" Life story on top of it.

8) 2005 was also the year YouTube really took off. What's the last video you watched?
The one I posted for Music Monday.

9) Random question ... Which of these high profile jobs would you enjoy more: head of General Motors, CEO of Apple or president of the New York Yankees?  The key word is ENJOY, and then  we get these three choices?  Why can't we have something really fun, like CEO of Lego, or Disney or something like that?  I'd say none of the above then.

Want to join in the fun here?  Go to THIS blog....


  1. But if your parents never met, how would we have Zippi? Do you think your spirit would just materialize somewhere else? When we were kids, my mom told us about a young man she dated exactly once who went on to play for the Chicago Bears. I used to wish he'd been my father. But then I started to learn about genetics and decided if I wanted to still be me, I'd have to make peace with having my father as my father.

    1. I just figure, looking back, that he'd have stayed in France with his "girlfriend", instead of coming home to my mother and torturing her for wanting him to come home to her. The girl friend hunted him down in the states, not knowing he was married, and wrote him all sorts of "nice" stuff. Unfortunately, the letters were all delivered to my grandparents' farm, and then passed along to mother. Anyway, if he had, or been killed in the war so some truly nice and loving man could come home instead, my brothers and sister would have had a nice daddy, like the young man my mother was sent away to California because of. His only "sin" was that he was Italian. Life, the great mystery and we thought that way "Heaven".

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, shortybear. Glad you enjoyed reading them. :o)

  3. I like your CEO answer. Something fun!

    1. Indeed, Nonnie, something fun. the Yankee thing was tempting, but I know too much about the infighting to be inveigled by even that offer.

  4. The more that I read everyone's answers to that school question, the stupider I think that idea was in the first place.

    1. Aye, Harriet. I agree.
      Females, despite all our late 20th Century "liberation", are still struggling to catch up in every occupation and get out from under the "Old Boys Club" mentality that pervades academia, the political bureaucracy, and the business world. We now have a candidate for the oval office who is female. Let's see if the Democrats relegate her to running as a vice president.

  5. I am grateful that I don't have traffic noises around here.

    1. Hi KG. It's really nice isn't it? I'm starting to wish to build a "tiny house" on wheels, somewhere just below San Jose.

  6. I have to say I do not regret the move from Southern California....we had a flight path over us.

    1. Kate, hi, and I'm glad you got out of the "Mad Metropolis". I don't blame you for not regretting it, and rejoice with you that you got away!

      "Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest." Psalms 55.6

  7. Ah, Zippi. I get what you're saying about your parents. If mine hadn't met I would never have been born ... and I think that would have been okay.

  8. I leaved in Rochester for one year and that was enough of the city for me. 24 hours a day sirens, horns, loud music... no thanks

  9. I'm glad you got out of the noise. One more little victory for sanity! Someday, I really hope to spend six months out of it, here and there. I'm thinking of house trading. Have you heard of it? Families in Europe do this.


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