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Friday, May 6, 2016

friday5: Dexterity

1. How skilled are you with a chef's knife?  Very. I cooked a lot of different ethnic foods to help my mom, and also for my own family of six.   Chinese knives and French chef knives have been in my hands for a long time.
2. How skilled are you with chopsticks?  Very
3.  How skilled are you with a hammer? Very, I can build anything out of wood.
4. How skilled are you with a corkscrew?  I can get a bottle of wine open.
5. How skilled are you with a needle and thread?  I've done a lot of sewing and other forms of needle work.  I've done custom sewing, hand quilting, crewel work, hand embroidery, and most other handiwork.  I'm pretty good at it.  I'm also tired of it.  Too hard on the hands.  I'd rather knit, or use machines now.

I'm not sure what linking  from websites does but I'm unlinking  all the side bar buttons.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  You will have to find the sites with a search.  


  1. I wish I were as skilled! But I can get the jobs done!

  2. You are a nurse and that is a priceless skill, my dear friend. Anyone can use a hammer, lol. Well, a knife for that matter. I'll bet you've sewn up holes in living people, too. Now that amazing skill is sewing.. ;-)

  3. I'm proficient at chopsticks unless noodles are involved.

    1. I read that, KG. such a cute answer. Noodles, are a pain unless you grab a bunch, put them in your mouth, and bite down with your top teeth against your lower lip. Or you can slurp them up. That's what the Chinese do.

  4. Ugh. Thanks for pointing that out. I meant to type "please don't forget to," not "please don't." Link from other websites let Google (and other search engines) know my site has relevance, making it easier for people to find when they do searches. I don't copy-and-paste the intro to each week's questions. I must have been tired to mistype that after nearly ten years of typing the same thing every week!

    1. No problem m.k. dwyer. I just wanted to make sure that no hacker could ride in on a link I made from my blog, just in case there had been a problem of late. All is well! :-)

  5. Actually, it's your link to garnstudio.com that is at fault for me knitting another sweater ;-)

  6. Hahaha. I like their patterns a lot but they are hard for me to decode! And it's nice to hear you are knitting again.

  7. Ps. I'll have to put those links up again. Lol


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