Living in the Present

~❤️~"The Heart Hath it's Own Memory"~❤️~
William Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is best.
It only lasts a fraction of time.
The past can be a weird load of both Terror and Trivia.
And, the future is amorphous.
I'll take the Present.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thankful Thursday- fudo rings at rusty ring blog

I am ever so thankful for my blog lists - where, sometimes, my questions to the vast Universe are answered.

Read about fudo rings, and what/whom a fudo is, at rusty ring blog.... Sorry I can't make a fancy linkie on the iPad.  Yet.. 🦄
I  figured it out!

Rusty Ring Blog Post


  1. Hey I am proud that you figured it out. Isn't it fun when we learn new things. I will pay Rusty Ring a visit. Have I told you how much I love your header!! So cute!

  2. Thank you Paula!
    The header is one of my favorite ones, too. Those puff dear are so sweet. I'd like to make more of them but I've really got to knit. lol


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