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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday tearing hair out, Tales of woe over Ravelry Bars Day and Manly/Beastly Aran

A while ago, with super slow progress on the only open project I have going, I yanked the Ravelry bar off the side bar, just 86'd it.

Then, I decided to put it back in.  Well, apparently the Head code was gone as well as the Java script in the widget.  And, since Blogger's changed everything yet again(!) The head code probably doesn't even get recognized let alone executed.  Java scripts are soooo banned!


I'm just going to forget the whole thing.  It's not the time in my life when I can be bothered with trifles.

So, suffice it to say that I'm knitting a sleeve and will update it periodically.  I've not seen a lot of patterns but this puppy takes the cake for being practically unreadable.  Unless you are an expert knitter, I'd stay away from this.  It has 6 different sizes jammed into the the thing, including two for women and at least 4 for men, and the resulting chaos in the pattern lines is "out of this world" crazy but do you.want too try it?

Note:  They put a wedding ring on this hunk in the newer pictures.  Someone snagged him, Ladies.. Sorry!

Anyway,  this is the Manly/Beastly


  1. Lol, knitting frustration. Take a highlighter to the pattern you've printed out, and go through it, highlighting the number that is applicable to the size you are knitting. It helps lots and will keep you from going nuts. ;-)

    1. Agree! Now to just be able to figure out why I can't keep count of the five patterns in the sleeve. lol

  2. Thank you, Karen. I love this tip, and it works better than crossing out stuff. Less Messy!
    Happy Knitting!


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