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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thankful Thursday, and I'm Grateful to be able to help Animals

In remembrance of Elle, who loved all animals......

No, I never give up.  I'll give up when I'm DEAD!  I'm so grateful for the chance to help, even if just a little......

Humane Society International many, many animals, and also help the kitties and saves thousands of them from going slaughtered for the meat trade, too!

Learn more HERE if you don't know already about the amount of work these folks are doing for abused animals all over the world.

Join me?  I'm now re-dedicating this, as a tribute, to my daughter, who loved animals and especially the kitties.  She asked me to knit booties and mitts and things for the hospital which cared for her.  They have plenty of hats she said.

Anyway, last week (has it only been a week?  I've lost track of time) we saw her confused little cats who slept on her hospital bed when we were there.   There are two loving people there, also, who are also their  humans, so the kitties, two, are not devastated, just probably wondering when she's coming back.


  1. You never cease to amaze me with the strength of your will and your perseverance in fighting for all that you believe in, especially now, when you continue to do so in times of grief. You are simply awesome.

  2. Karen, like you, I pick up the pieces and go on. Without that ability to do so, the human race would be still in the dark ages. I drew strength from all of their grit. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk towards the horizon, helping any being in your path to do the same. I really won't give up until I"m dead. Take care! I love you!

  3. You are my hero and a role model to me. I love you too!


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