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Friday, July 15, 2016

Saturday9: Cigars, Sunsets, Serenity..whatever...

Want to play along?  HERE's the link.  Hope you join us. It's fun.

Saturday 9: Sara Smile (1976)

... Because Kwizgiver suggested Hall & Oates. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This was Hall & Oates' first #1 hit. Can you name another of their popular songs? 

I like this duo but can't remember any other of their songs at the moment.

2) Darryl Hall and Sara Allen were a couple for 30 years, and he wrote this at the beginning of their long relationship. That makes this a very public love letter. Are you good at writing love letters? Would you rather tell the person how you feel, face to face? Or do you let your actions speak louder than your words?
I am good at writing love letters and any sort of letter.  But hardly anyone writes letters anymore.  I would rather tell people how I feel face to face, as long as it's pleasant.  And I'm not sure about actions.  Some actions do speak louder than words, but they can send mixed messages.  It's better to not let them do your talking, me thinks.

3) In the song, Darryl and Sara are waiting for the sunrise. Did you see the sunrise this morning? Or did you sleep in? 
I seldom see a sunrise since I don't go to sleep until 1 or 2 am a lot of the time.  But here's one I did see, and I like it very much.  I'd been up all night, waiting to go to the hospital for an operation.
San Diego Winter sunrise along the I-5

4) Both Hall & Oates hail from the Philadelphia area. Hall is a native of suburban Pottstown, which was a stop on the Reading/Philadelphia rail line made famous in Monopoly. Do you like playing board games?
I like board games but there isn't much enthusiasm for them nowadays.  I like Parcheesi, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, and though I can hardly play at all, Chess.  I can't seem to just heartlessly abandon my little pawns.  I'm always trying to keep them safe.

5) John Oates grew up a few miles away from Pottstown in North Wales. Decades ago, North Wales' biggest employer was a cigar factory. Do you like the smell of a cigar?
Unlit?  They're great smelling.  But don't spark one up around me or I'd call the EPA.  You have been warned......

"Louie doesn't really like cigars, but he's never turned down a free thing in his life. He takes a handful of the Opuses, clipping one and taking all of two puffs before putting it down on a coffee table, walking off to sample the free Scotch at the bar.

What can you do: Snatch the cigar from the table and use the excuse of imminent fire danger to hose down both furniture and Louie with the fire extinguisher. Now you are faced with the choice of clipping Louie's offensive saliva off the cigar and saving it for later or forcing him to smoke the forsaken cigar until he learns to appreciate it."
Above thingy is from the HERE

6) Daryl Hall now hosts a music show, Live from Daryl's House, that you catch  free online. Do you typically watch shows from your computer, pad, phone or TV set?
TV and Tablet

7) Hall & Oates are currently on tour. Are you seeing/have you seen a concert this summer?
No.  I'm too deaf to enjoy losing the rest of my hearing at big, noisy venues, and they've moved our favorite ones that took place in a sweet, little church to a big, ugly place.  Ugh!

8) Daryl and John have been friends for 50 years, even living together at the beginning of their careers when money was tight. Another successful duo of the rock era, Simon & Garfunkle, also met as teens but they forever seem to be feuding. What do you think makes for a lasting friendship/partnership?
Incredible patience with wackos.  Mr. Z. is incredibly patient.  Hands off all you short shirted young things at the Gym.  You have been warned.

9) Random question:  Are you quick to try new things?
Usually I do but I'm trying something new now, and frankly, I hate it. I'd like to go back three years and tell my daughter that she has all the money in the world for a second opinion.

Big Sur Serenity


  1. I've always wanted to learn how to play chess. But it was hard for me to remember all the rules and moves. I'm impressed by people who know how.
    I agree about the writing. So often writing causes misunderstandings and face to face is so much better. We always joke, you can't gage "tone" in an email.
    Have a good Saturday.

    1. Chess is easier than it looks, but it's sort of gut wrenching to play and takes a level of strategy that I'm not patient enough to master. The fact that it's such an ancient game is amazing, considering it's complexity.

      Email is a minefield when it comes to "tone". So true!

      And Thanks for your good wishes. I had a very nice Saturday.

    2. I should say the moves are easier than they look... the game itself could cause mental breakdowns.

  2. Golly, I haven't even heard the word "Parcheesi" in forever! Which makes me sad, because I never learned to play it and now I'm afraid I never will.

    1. You can find it for sale just everywhere, and it's even online, to play with others, like online poker. heehee You might learn to play it yet. ;-)

  3. When I remember I go to an art gallery on the first Tuesday of every month for game night.

    1. Chess or Parcheesi? Oh that's lovely that there is a gathering at an art gallery.

  4. Replies
    1. Mostly it's wacko me! lol. Our friends are all rather nice except for that one guy with the BIG mouth, mentioned someplace recently. I love the wackiness in people because it makes things more jolly. Smellyann and Harriet, oh that's you!, come to mind. And then there is that Cat gal. ;o)
      It's always better to play because you never know WHAT the deuce is just around any given corner of life.

  5. I love playing board games. Some day I will learn to play chess!

    1. Oh! You should! It's very fun but you have to be willing to give up any piece and train the pawns to sneak up on the rooks and the King, while staying under the radar for Knights who are really tricky, and the Queen who is an all out B*tch. he he he ...

      You can learn to play chess all by yourself, the machine plays against you. I used to have it on my old computer but this one wants me to hook to buy stuff when I try to download games. Hate it!

  6. I guess I'll mention Parcheesi since everyone else is. I don't think I've played since the great-great aunt that gave me my set passed away. And as for chess, I am another that never learned to play.

    1. Parcheesi is a great game. Maybe you can get some friends to join in? Parcheesi is lots less scary than Chess.

      Chess is fun if you play the game on the computer. You can read your strategy book and no one-points to Mr.X- is laughing his head off when your Queen falls directly into the path of destruction via his sneaky diagonally moving "castle".

  7. Wacko friends are good to have, along with the other kind. The non-wackos.

    1. Yes, you speak the truth, my wise Guitar picking friend. Wacko friends can give you a hand up out of a black hole, so they can.


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