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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Stealing Guess who's casting movies? You are!

July 9, 2016

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The Movie Nut's Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes (or surveys) from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard the expression, "honor among thieves". In that age-old tradition, we try to credit the blog that we stole it from. When possible, we contact the owner of the blog where we stole the post. We also provide a link to the victim's meme in our "Previous Victims" widget. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") Sometimes we edit the original meme, to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, to select the best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from this new meme or recently asked questions from a previously featured meme. 

We Found this gem from the author of the blog Defiant Success. She calls herself Movie Nut 14 and posts just about film and the actors that we either love or hate. She does do the occasional meme or survey, provided, of course if it's about movies. And she writes the questions herself. We noticed that quite a few bloggers stole these from her and now, so have we. We stole two of hers that we made one and reworded a bit for constancy's sake. We hope that you will enjoy the meme as much as I will enjoy stopping writing this bit.

Cheer to all of us thieves!!

Sunday Stealing: The Movie Nut's Meme  

What was you first movie-going experience without your parents? 
A.  The Saturday Cowboy serials for a quarter.

Do you still buy DVDs or Blu Rays (or do you just stream them)?
A.  Still buy them.  Streaming can still be too "here today gone tomorrow".  If you really like it, and it's not a smash hit, I find it pays to buy it.  Milagro Beanfield War is a case in point.  There's a lot of great indi movies that don't make it to streaming.

What is your guilty pleasure movie? What about it works for you?
A. I think that might be "Eating Raul".  Or maybe it is "Mars Attacks".

You have compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which movies do you like, but would not make the list?
A. I have a couple thousand movies in my list.  I don't bother with top 100.  Top 10 maybe.  Top 100 would be crazy making.  It would take a lot of time and I just couldn't pick them!

Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again? What makes it so great?
A.  This sounds severely familiar.

Classic(s) you're embarrassed to admit you haven't seen yet?
A.  "Gone with the Wind", and I'm not ashamed of it.

Do you have any movie posters hanging on your wall? If yes, which ones and why?
A. Well, not..  My posters are of all the sunflowers known to man, and hummingbirds from all over the world, bird houses from all over the world.  I like those sort of posters.

Tell us about a movie that you are passionate about.
A. Passionate, you say.  Mmmmm.  "Thunderheart".

What is a movie you vow to never watch? Why?
A.  They are several and all of one genre.  I don't watch horror flicks, not even old ones.  It's just me.

Tell us about a movie that literally left you speechless.
Moi?  Speechless?

What's a movie that you always recommend?
A.  "Princess Bride."  What's not to like?

Who is an actor you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie?
Is that creepy or crappy?  Just askin'.
That would be Jeffrey Rush.  I love him in EVERYTHING!

Who is an actor you don't get the appeal for? Why don't you like them?
Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNosso).  I don't think it's the actor's fault.  We was set up to play a comic foil, and in NCIS, that just doesn't work out well.

Who is an actor, living or dead, you'd love to meet? Why do they intrigue you?
A.  I'd like to meet Sir Alec Guinness.  He intrqies me because of the way he prepared for parts.  He was an actor's actor.

Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. 
A. Orlando Bloom

OK, you are casting a movie, pick four or five actors you'd hire to be in it and why we'd love them together.

A.Hard question.  OK,  I'll pick  Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchet, Orlando Bloom, Val Kilmer, and Alan Rickman.  They all have a passion for roles that are intense, and this would be a very intense, tight, story about a Double agent, working for the Israelis, in MI6.

Who are your favorite actor pairing of all time?
A. I'd have to say Katheryn Hepburn and  Spencer Tracy.  They really had a magic going.

Have you ever watched movies from a decade that was before you were born? If so, which decade is your favorite?
A. Heck yes, that's all there were in the early days of Television.  The forties.  "Guess Who'se Coming to Dinner".

If you were to be in a movie would you rather play the hero, villain or anti-hero? Why?
I'd like to play the villain.  They have the most fun.  Everyone is after them and they have to run away and hide out!  And smirk. 


  1. I liked Hepburn and Tracy too ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" ! That last speech of his is a tear jerker for sure. Did you know that he died within days after filming that?)

  2. Yes to Milagro!
    Yes to Kate and Tracy!
    And yes to your casting choices!

  3. I've never seen Gone With the Wind, either. I've read the book twice. I should rectify that someday.
    I'll give you that Orlando is looking pretty good in that pic!

  4. I've also never seen GWTW--I say the Carol Burnett show ruined it for me.

  5. My husband swears that I am secretly in love with Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. But I think Aragorn is better looking, but it hard for me to turn away from an elf.

  6. GWTW is one of the very few movies that translates the book well. No movie can be EXACTLY like the book, but this one is OK.


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