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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Recocco decorated flip flop just suited my mood to a tee. Plus Blue Ant Studio Monkey of flip flops

When we went north the last time, I baaaadly need shower shoes,  Since I forgot my tevas back home it was time I started poking around the web for stuff.  These sites caught my eye.

Since already having dragged what is needed for these fun fur flip flop projects down into my cozy black hole I wanted something a little more dressy.  But, there are too many others to make!  Too Many!

But,  and when they are done, I'll dlimb back out and show you.  Right now I'm off to the dollar store or maybe Michaels or TJMax for what I don't already have.

I like these too.

Go here to see an amazing monkey sculpture made all of flip flop.  I cannot get the page to work because of the combat zone of the web between Https and Http.  So be it.  Just follow this LINKIE
to Blue Ant's Studio who constructed it.

Anyway, the thing I'm thankful for is YouTube!   You could entertain your brain for hours and hours!


  1. They are all beautiful. The creativity of some people just amazes me :-)

    1. Isn't it great? And, the web lets them share world wide. Yay, YouTube!


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