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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tinking Tuesday, Tired Tuesday. Tuesday Tails.

Tuesday Tails...  First.. These will bring tears to your eyes.  Amazing rescue stories about two abandoned female dogs and their litters, and another little dog who had been so abused that he screamed at the slightest touch.  But all the dogs have very happy endings.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad that dogs, and cats, too, now have such amazing champions.  The USHS and a hundred more organizations are just awesome at creating this reality and spreading it far and wide.

Spay and Neuter are the bywords, because, as one responder to the video said, "There is no "wild" left."

This one has a beautiful happy ending.  But anyone can understand this little dog's pain.

A human did this.  I say, Just stop doing these terrible things to animals!  Just Frakking Stop it!

 We humans have changed dogs so much to be our companions that if they are abandoned they seldom survive.  Wolfie was abandoned.  He was extremely emaciated, less than 8 pounds, he was hairless,  and he was ill with skin diseases and recovering from broken ribs when animal control was finally able to capture him.

He is the sweetest little dog.  He is an angel.  If any of you can do it, go rescue a little angel from the shelter.

Knitting report:  Yes, I got a bunch of mistakes in the pattern #2 knits and purls.  They are almost all in all the wrong places so I'll be spending time tinking back and flipping them.

To knit is to Rip, but also to tink.  For those who don't knit, it's when you leave one stitch OFF the needles,  let it make a "ladder" - which is sort of self explanatory - and by using a crochet hook, put front to back or back to front, you repair the design.  It's not pleasant (too freaking fiddly by half!) but not very hard..  I can't find a single video that shows any of the truly badass tinking like this job I'm going to do.

See you soon unless you see me first, right?  I am so tired.  I could sleep for a week If I could just sleep.

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  1. Thank you for supporting sweet little critters!


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