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Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday whatever: Hello Human Kindness Organization.

From HelloHumanKindness.org

" 'But I'm just not a creative person,' you might say. Well, the benefits of creativity aren't limited to the artistically trained or inclined. They aren't confined to any specific method or discipline. Everyday creativity isn't about accomplishment or talent — it's about rediscovering that part of us that just wants to play.' "

So, just get out there and play.  It will do you a world of good, and it might even help the world get better, too.

Recovery from loss takes a lot of time.  Getting rid of messes and sharing out the things I know I'll never use again is one of the ways I plan to get through this.


  1. My heart and feelings are with you.
    You get through this however you see fit - anything that you do that makes you feel better, is the right thing to do.

  2. As you know, it's minute by minute right now. Karen, thank you for all your help and condolence and insights and kindnesses.

    Mr. Z put a little magnetic sign on my computer that says, "Today: I am in Charge of how I feel, and I am choosing HAPPINESS." It seems to me that I just very recently typed that out somewhere but my brain is shot. I'd really like to be able to tie one on, or take a three day bender, that would feel sort of good, but it never lasts. And then you get the payback. lol


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