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Friday, August 19, 2016

A tiny rant....

I told you this one made you think about things.......

The friday5 was about France.  It was kind and upbeat, as always, because the person who creates it is, also.

But, it opened some old wounds that I didn't want bleeding all over such a cheerie and delightful meme.  And it certainly is not the fault of the meme that my mind is the way it is.

Anyway, I have my own thoughts about what's been happening in our world for so long that I can't stand to keep this in.

Sadly, Americans tend to disrespect the French, but that, I feel, is mainly just because the British do.   And I've had to listen to it from the four corners of my life for far too long.

War Stories:  We should, at least by now, think for ourselves.  The French, after all, bankrupted themselves helping us fight the British in our War of Independence.  And, the Brits sunk the entire French Fleet - with sailors aboard, to "keep it from falling into Nazi hands".  They didn't even give the sailors a fighting chance.
In truth: Voir, un couteau á double tranchant.  N'est Pa?  And I'm just too old to keep this stuff inside me anymore because I've heard so many nasty things said over time, and that gets to be an irritant.

Any country, large or small, who had a border as long and flat as the one France shared with the Germany of that time, was in trouble when Hitler took power.  What America did was stay out of the war until the last minute, when é Viola, they had an impeccable reason to enter:  Clue?  Money.  Follow the money.  

Anyway, France and the rest of Europe had born the full brunt of the Nazi machinetta running it's arse all over the flats for quite some time.   They were prone, saving what they could, and then the French fleet was sunk.  The whole thing.  Now, my friends, that is just Nasty, Nasty, Nasty.

I've said what I think.  Now I'll go back to keeping my head down.


  1. :-)
    You actually wrote "arse".
    *big smile*
    Don't be silenced, not by anyone. You just go!

  2. hahaha so I did. And thanks for your comment and the vote of confidence.
    I am actually trying to keep my head down more. That tricky Orange Menace mob you know.
    Sadly, Money talks and it kills, but sometimes, just sometimes, it manages to be generous and compassionate. We'll see..... <3


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