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Friday, September 16, 2016

Saturday Nine: September in the Rain. Yet, Sam, send some our way please?

Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Want to play?
HERE's a Link to Sam's Saturday9 for today.

Sam, this is a beautiful album!

Saturday 9: September in the Rain (1956)

 Sam, this is a beautiful album!

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song refers to "leaves of brown." Can you see any leaves outside your window? What color are they?
No, I can't see them because it's almost 11 pm, and there is only the beautiful moonlight to see.  In California the leaves have been stressed by drought, the longest in living memory, and we are happily seeing most of them as green now, since it's almost the end of The Dry.  We have, like Australia, two seasons.  The Wet and the Dry.

2) It also mentions whispered words of love. What did you say last time you lowered your voice?
"Is that the tortoises fighting?"  
Something was scraping along the stucco wall of the big room.
And yes, it was the tortoises, fighting.  Lucky, the son, is now bigger than his dad, and is regularly tipping Churchy over because Churchy has bullied Lucky for his whole life.  The worm, or the tortoise, has turned!  

They stand and bob their heads at one another and then Crash!  They hit as high and as hard as they can with the two prongs on the front of their carapaces.

It's just sooooo much fun to keep separating them all summer long!  They'd rather fight than eat.

3) Clearly this song is about a treasured romantic memory that took place in autumn. Think about your favorite romantic memory. In what season did it take place?
It was summer when we were 19 and 20.  We stayed out late watching the stars on the boat marina at Lake Mead.  It was so quiet after all the hustle and noise of power boats and water skiing all day, and the air was very soft and clean and warm.  

4) This week's featured artist, Julie London, was famous as a singer and actress. Less prominent in her bio is her appearance as a "pin up girl" in Esquire magazine when she was just 17. What's in your resume that you'd prefer to de-emphasize or gloss over?
I was interviewing for the Child Advocate position within the Children's Court system, a job I really wanted.  One thing I really didn't want to have to tell about was the extent of the abuse I'd suffered as a child.  

5) Julie recorded more than 30 albums and was named "most popular female vocalist" by Billboard magazine in 1956. If you could see any entertainer -- male or female -- in concert, who would you choose?
There are so many, but I'll just choose one.  I'd like to see K.D. Lang.  I love her voice, presence, and delivery.  She rocks.

6) She became well-known to another generation when she appeared in the 1970s TV show Emergency! The younger actors credited her for keeping everything calm on the set. Who has a calming influence on you?
My Hubby.  And the Dalai Lama.

7) Her Emergency! costar was her husband, Bobby Troup, and the show was produced by her ex-husband, Jack Webb. Do you have an ex that you're on very good terms with?
I don't have an ex, so this wouldn't be a problem for me.

8) Julie was a chain-smoker since she was a teenager and in the 1950s recorded a jingle for Marlboro cigarettes. Yet in the 1970s, when she saw Bobby Troup's health negatively effected by smoking, she pressed him to quit. Tell us about a time you found yourself in a "do as I say, not as I do" situation.
I honestly can't say there's ever been a situation like that for me, other than that I regret I wasn't a more layed back, loving and huggy Mom.  Being the oldest child an a dysfunctional family made me grow up way too fast and being the oldest made me somewhat bossy.  It carried on over to my kids but I didn't make the terrible mistakes my own parents made but new ones!  OY vey!

9) Random question: You have won an all-expenses paid trip to an exclusive resort in the Hawaii. When you get there, you discover that the private beach is bathing suit optional. Do you swim nude?  
Not me.  But, if there were any,  I would take out a boogie board and have some fun catching waves.  (The little ones, those under five feet that is....)

While looking for the fighting Tankies video, I saw this lovely video of a tiny dog who was promptly returned to her owner because he had had a microchip installed in her neck.  Stay for the cuddly re-union.  Smiling is good for the soul. So, I'm passing a little smile on to all of you. 

 Happy Saturday Nine!


  1. I am so sorry about what you went through as a kid.

    Those tortoises were fascinating. And this goes on in your yard all the time?

    1. About the first thing, Thanks Gal. It's come back to bite in old age, just as many have said to watch out for.
      About the male Torts, this goes on all summer, yes. But they all do go into torpor around Thanksgiving, and then stay there until, probably, Easter Week. I'm thinking we will be sending some away to live with other groups because the two smaller ones will be able to roam the garden soon. Even they bob their heads at each other and the bigger ones. Our garden is evidently not warm enough to produce many females. Temperature of the nest is the key element.

  2. I imagine you were or would be great at counseling. Your experience has made you compassionate and your life is a testament to overcoming one's circumstances.

    We spent a lot of time watching the tortoises at the zoo last weekend. Now I know why they had that big piece of shell jutting out under their chins. Very cool!

    1. I would have loved to be able to help children during the court process. They usually have a hard time of it when their parents are fighting, or for whatever reason.

      Tortoises are interesting animals. They actually have personalities, too. Two of ours also are green eyed, and three are brown eyed. That shows they are from two sub species. I just hate all that fighting though. sheesh!

  3. Once I saw two rabbits duking it out.Now that was messed up.
    I don't think that you would have been alone with that background when it comes to that job- so I learned when I was a psych nurse.

    1. Rabbits go for it with a killer glint in their eyes. We had to keep our bucks apart and even the does!

      I didn't get the job but they wanted me. My twins had gone feral and well, it was a terribly interesting time to be a mom. NOT! So I had to back out. My life has so often been ruled by the antics of other people, that I quit having ambitions of any kind. It's still a happy life on the whole. No regrets. Well, one: I wouldn't have let my daughter go so long without getting checked out. I'd have ripped some HMO a new one, and played "Dutch Uncle" on this, but that's water under the bridge.

  4. Thank you for that video. I really needed that!

    1. It's really very sweet, isn't it. I love happy endings! Hugs Karen!

  5. Wet season? We have a wet season? Coulda fooled me!

    1. Well, we actually used to, in SoCal, have a rainy season and a dry. I can remember rainstorms in Los Angeles county when we started school, and in San Bernardino, too. I think we've been in drought so long that we've forgotten what normal is. This must be the new normal.

  6. KD Lang is a good choice. I know we've discussed childhood issues before; seems we never get over them, do we. I am always sorry when I hear someone else has suffered. People should learn to be nice.

    1. KD Lang has such a wonderful voice. I love to listen to her.

      About childhood issues. I was told by several professionals and friends in general, that childhood issues seem to come back with a vengeance in the later years. Maybe that's when you look back and analyze your life in depth- a sort of because you have the time to reflect on your life. People should learn to be nicer.
      When reading what your mom said to you about being a secretary...And your parents ignoring your choice of schools, I thought, "Why do parents do that sort of stuff?" I had a good mom, but she didn't protect her kids very much. She couldn't, really. She was beaten, too.

  7. kd lang is an awesome choice. I would love to see her, too.

    1. And I would like to see you bucket listed U2. I'd love to see them as well. Hope we do get to see a few of these people!


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