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Friday, November 25, 2016

friday5: You, too?

Friday 5 for November 25: You, Too

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5!  Please copy these questions to your webspace.  Answer the questions there; then leave a  comment below, so we’ll all know where to check out your responses.  Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

What are you too short to do?
I'm now too short for anything just about over the reach of my arms, I can't reach the top of doorways anymore.

What are you too smart to do?
Since time and experience are teachers, I'm too smart to repeat any mistakes that really cost me in mobility or in personal relationships.  That would be that I would never get on a horse that should never be ridden by anyone but the owner.   What's that saying, "Too soon Old, too late smart."

What are you too fearful to do?
I do not willingly fly.  Short flights are ok if I'm not sick.

What are you too lazy to do?
I'm too lazy to really sort out the yarns I own, or the fabrics.

What are you too young to do?
Well, my dears, I am not too young to do anything.  I am, however, too old to do loads of things.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend!

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