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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Thirteen: Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight....

Thirteen Wishes:

1. I would like to heal with a look, "Just one look, that's all it took"....and wish that others could, too. Let's face it, then we could be rid of the Insurance companies that have literally let people die.   And Prayers evidently just don't always work!  I don't want anyone between me and my doctor, anymore. I'll bite them if they try.  Hmmm Maybe it's time to buy a lion? 🦁

2. I want to knock out the garage wall, enlarge the bedroom and build this... but only with a Kingsized bed.  Then Wolfie won't knock out all his front teeth, or break his neck, jumping off the bed.  The racket he makes if he can't sleep with the big dogs would wake the dead.  He starts Howling and keening like when the 🐺pack meets back up in the wilderness.  He can't jump UP ⇑ but does try to jump down.⇩  Mon Dieu! ☹
For Wolfie.  This is from the web somewhere
3. I wish that we really did have teleporters.  I think they would be a ton of fun and help a lot with Carbon Footprints and Galloping Climate change.  That is unless they had to work on Diesel fuel or it's baby sister, Gasoline.  AND, the best part of all,:  It would be so good to see a look of angst on the faces of all the Oil Barons.

4. I wish that the Orange Menace, and is ilk, would get knocked off their high horses horse by a huge white light from the Heavens, blinded for three day, and would be, you know, come out as philanthropists.  This state could be like a Transmogrification of Attitude.  I wish this, unless of course, there is a "tossing out" of the Aged and Arcane Electoral College vote and the popularly elected Person of Interest were to take office.   Why is it called a College?  No one ever seems to learn a blessed thing from it!

5.  I wish for better and more food to be be distributed to the poor, so that no one went to bed without getting something to eat that day. It's totally shocking to me that parents have to decide whether to feed the kids or pay utilities.  Eat OR pay ConEd?

6. I wish we could have a little, perhaps white, rescue poodle-ish doggie for a playmate for Wolfie.   That would be the best birthday present ever, even better than a Tibetan singing bowl.  Well, I'm not getting a dog so I guess it's a singing bowl.  I can hear it now, telling me to be in the moment and get to bed.

7.  I wish for the Time to stop hopping back and forth half the year.  The dog's confused and tries to get everyone one up at 4 am instead of 5 am in order to get his breakfast.

8. I wish I could actually succeed in throwing something out besides old tax returns and pieces of cloth that are postage stamp sized.  No, do NOT tell me that you have seen postage stamp sized pieces made into quilts.  I have too, but it's just not going to happen in this house, anymore.

9.  Wish to read again, let alone knit.  I'm teasing myself with little hat patterns.

10. I'm also wishing for the end to all wars, because we have teleporters and don't need to sip up all the lubricant for the smooth movement of the Tectonic Plates.  Two Big birds, one small stone.

11. Wish that I could have the eye I  for Accidental Art that I used to.  It's been a few years.  When they took my gallbladder out, I think they disconnect a wire that led from my Eye to my heart.

12.  I wish for a good political future for the children of this Country.

13. I wished for the bread and circuses to stop, but now I wish for the hatred engendered by a con man who may think he's St. Michael come to kill Satan, as if....  I wish for that hatred to fade and for us to roll up are our sleeves and fix this.  I think we owe this to the Children of America.

I should get to bed!

I wish you all, off the record, a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Gee, I almost typed out Fourth of July!

And to all, a Good night! 😴


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Karen. The yams are steaming and then I'm going to candy them. Delicious smells right now.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, sandyland. And, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as well.
      Your 13 photos are stunning, and moved me, too.

  3. Replies
    1. I must confess it's probably not being built because it is HUGE and besides, DH may think I would try to walk up the ramp. ;o)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. I swear, gallbladder surgery must have really done us both in. And it's supposed to be so benign. Fat lot they know. If you find that teleporter, let me know. I will come for a visit.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving right back at you.
      Yes, an just what do doctors know about the effects of all the meds they pump into during surgery to make you forget anything your brain hears in the OR.
      Yes, they actually do that. Sad lot!
      And, you will be the one of the four FIRST to know if that teleporter ever goes live.

  5. Hey there, Ron. Hope you ad a lovely Thanksgiving. And teleporting just can't come soon enough! Science gurus say it's not going to work. We'll just have to wait and see.

  6. I think I am glad I don´t have a dog :) With a bed like that??

  7. Well, there is the alternative to that monster. We could just put the bed on the floor and all. But we had a custom made headboard made for it. DRAT!
    Even I have to use a step stool to get into it. lol


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