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Sunday, December 18, 2016

oh, by the way...sinking of the French fleet....

I'm angry and I will not keep shut about it.  France really got it in the neck and that's no lie.

Little known fact:  The French fleet was sunk, killing over 1200 french sailors, in a sneak attack by the British in 1940, just before  the ships could get out of port on the Med.  All the French Admirals and Brass were preparing to sail and get the fleet to the British to use.   That later lead to the surrender to save the city of Paris.  This was done in order to avoid further damage, and rather than being caught in the middle again of two cousins' continuous pissing contests.

I didn't study this in school because Americans have a biased view of things.
Just so you all know, here's where you can read about it.  There's also a documentary, in French, on the lives of the survivors of that attack.

I might stay away from politics but not the truth.  And I'm just totally disgusted at the managed news that seeps into the history books.  Dreadful

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