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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: Santee Valley, etc.......

1. Santee Valley is part of an old Spanish Land grant, and also became part of the Scripps Ranch at a later date in time.

2. It had to be one of the most beautiful valleys in California.  It's still the most beautiful to me.

3. It lies in a semi-circle of mountains some of which were 30,000 feet high at one time (in the dusty past).

4. A river runs, or rather ran, through it.  Parts of that river still flow out to the sea despite the dams that capture a lot of the water.

5. Grannie's on her rocker.

6. Being old, with a memory that's fairly intact, is both a good and bad thing.

7. Becoming a scold is not part of the good. But one of the good things is that you can remember a California before Palm Springs, say, and before urban sprawl when the whole State was more back country wild lands.  At that time, teens, and even preteens, could go out into the San Gabriel riverbed and learn to drive.  Moving on, the place where our house is, was once all. Mesa top.  One of the twins kindergarten teachers told me that he and his brother hunted rabbits here in the early 1950's.

8.  I've been trying to put pictures up of Santee from the iPad but, of course, the iPad is an ersatz
Laptop with limited skills. Today it's not expected to get over 61, and as you know from past posts here, that is FREEZING to Socalian desert 🌵 lizards.

9.  The mitt and boots yarn came from Webs, and somehow it came with a credit so now I can get more needles!  Yay! Plus, Joanne's had a sale on bamboo Takuni's so I finally got some little size one circs just for socks!  Tried for a picture but the iPad doesn't seem to be capable of allowing a photo to be pulled into Blogger.

10. Wolfie is sick again.

11. Trump came up in the crossword but I refused to actually write in his name but let other words fill it in. If it shows up again I'll burn the puzzle, with great glee, after folding it into a cootie catcher!  A woman has her prerogatives!  That is mine!

12.  My mood....😱

13. A shot of Cowles mountain from the wilderness trail in Santee Valley.


  1. Beautiful photo. Sorry your ipad wasn't cooperating with your desire to share photos. Oue high here today was a "balmy" 32, and only going to be mid-20's for the weekend. At least the temps haven't gone subzero again. :-\ My T13

    1. Brrrr! That's cold! I do not envy you, trying to get through winter doesn't sound like much fun. When I was a three year and five year old, the semi mild winters in Ohio at the grandparent's house were all fun to me.
      I may have solved the picture thinga but we'll see! Have a great weekend.

  2. 61 is both a distant memory and a distant hope for me. If I'm lucky, we'll get above freezing a time or two this winter.

    1. Ouch! Looking out on slush from a favorite window is quite gloomy in winter. Hang in there Alice Audrey! Californians are spoiled. Earth Quakes are our "biggies", and those aren't weather related or predictable.

  3. This sounds like a beautiful place. I want to visit.

    1. It once was beautiful. Now Santee valley is full of strange, stick and stucco mounds where things are stored or bartered, or which serve as shelters. I would like eyes that could peel back the years and see what once was rather than what is.

  4. I hate that Trump as the president is becoming normalized. Last night I dreamt that Kelly Anne Conway framed me for a car accident in which she make everything the opposite of what it was. I'm glad you have such beauty around you.

    1. That was one terrible dream! And, yes, normalization of a tantrum throwing twit should not be happening. And we all thought Nixon had a thin skin.
      Santee Valley was once beautiful. We see it from the freeway as we drop down into it to visit my sister. You can see all of its surrounding mountains from the freeway. And the winter greening of the closer hills almost is worthy of an Ode!

  5. I am glad you are getting back to your knitting, Zippi. Your area and community looks lovely. I have family in California but I was last out there in 1976 - a very long time ago. They live in the Chico area.

    1. Thank you, CountryDew. Knitting is a great solace in times of unrest. Maybe I'll start painting again, too. It's going to take a lot of distraction these next four years.
      Ah, a pretty place, is Chico. The drought has changed a lot of things in California. It has really changed in the intervening years, but it's still smallish and sweet. Central Valley has amazing vistas. California, as a whole is a pretty place, if you hop over the big cities and go to the backcountry.


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