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Friday, July 7, 2017

Still on the Recovery Road/tossing..newzy blah blah. Neil Young: Promise of the Real.... Children of Destiny

Suggested by: Colleen.... Wonderful lady!

I'm doing all the things that can be done.  Also, had a very interesting dream last night.  It was almost like I was awakened, and someone was talking to me (In the dream, I woke fully but the dream went on).
A man, a thin one with a bald head was talking to me.  He was a sort of Nordic type.

Anyway, he was telling me that I was free of many things from the past and other "worries".  Things that I worry about and ache over.  He was setting me free from these thoughts.

One thing I'm certain of is that he didn't represent Jesus.  I don't want anyone to have the wrong impression.  But this person had some standing (ranking) in a mixed group who all wore robes.  He was the only person that I saw though I did hear someone else talking as well.  Somehow, this has made me feel better.  And, when I woke all the way up, I felt less sad; though not supremely happy, just less sad.

We have sold the really nice Webco table and chairs.  But, now, I'm thinking of keeping the little wooden set.  They were made in Indiana I think.  Anyway, there is something about wood, and something about an item this unique, that makes me say, "Keep This".  I've regretted getting rid of wooden things before, and don't want to rue the day I sold this set.  The two of them took up so much space, even when folded!

The  metal set was bought for a time that I was in a Bunco group, and we needed more seating. If you've never played Bunco, you are missing out!  My wooden set is older, and I bought it from my sister when she moved here years ago.  But, as you can see, those little wooden sets are sort of hard to let go of.  I have no connection to that company, but they certainly have the Bunco rules down pat!

I've torn through my magazine clipping collection and freed up space - Lots of Space.  In a few days, when the fever from the excitement of seeing old project papers wears off again, I will go back with a vengeance and rip through it all again.  I did find a pattern for a knitted doll.  My knitting fingers are itching to do small things, and once the Manly Beastly is knit, assembled, blocked, and ON THE MAN,  I will do little things again.

Meanwhile, I will be watching some hoarding shows to get the motivation to crank this up a notch.  I really mean to be a grown up about it all.  And, it's not all a grind.  I did find some old things that are treasures.
Bee's 80's Airbrushed Tee of David Lee Roth


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