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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thoughts for a Thursday 13.

1. I'm not as stupid as I seem but I'm also not as smart as I think I am.
2. How long will we all be stuck in this karmic cesspool?
3. How many wars promulgated by a "master" race can this fragile earth stand?
4. I'm reading about the Japanese invasion of Malaysia.  I can only shake my head and think of the long, long arm of history.
5. It's not looking good for the knitting.
6. If you have a inoperable brain tumor, what's wrong with eating nothing but ice cream in your final weeks?  Who the frack cares?
7. My house looks marginally better.  I'm getting rid of books.  Some I'll make into projects, though I promise you will not miss them from the bibliographic gene pool.  They will be those which have many siblings.
8. The silly doves have started yet another nest under the patio cover.  Will they never learn?  In the fall, we will blast all their nesting twigs out of the crevice, and the neighborhood cats will go hungry, I reckon.  Cats eat doves, coyotes eat the cats, our own, tiny "Circle of Life" drama goes on.
9. I have far too many baskets.  Someday I'll display 13 of them and give their history for this meme.
10. I have a second hand lamp collection and plan to bore you with as well.  After all, Lists are lists!
11. I can't wait for the "body count" in Washington D.C. to go higher.
12. I found my ukulele chord charts, a big plus!!  Of course all of this stuff is on line, but I like the books.
13. The Alan's Hummingbird is back, and just as feisty as ever.  I love this little bird.  He goes south for the winter and works his way back up from Mexico to be here in mid spring.

There.. random and chaotic, like my mind.


  1. I will confess to having burned some books. Every single one in question was a paperback so badly written I couldn't even bring myself to hand it off to someone I hated. They make great campfire starters.

    1. Oh, ho! But yes, some books deserve to be, if not burnt, composted or sent to the re-cycle bin! Ooooo, campfire starters, or, fantastic wreaths. Yes, they make beautiful wreaths. 🎄 Merry, Merry! 😁

  2. Number six, yes! But I'm clueless as to what number 11 means.

    1. Ah yes, #6 is one of my favorites,too.
      And, #11 is a comment that applied to the run up to the top during the Watergate malfeasance , in which "the body count" meant the top eschelons would be breached. I'm re-applying it to the present situation.

  3. #2 is the Big Question. All we have to do is change our minds. Like my friend John said: Imagine.

    1. Hmmmmm. That was my ear worm the last couple of days, that song, and today it was in the crossword, and now you mention it,too. The Universe has spoken, and obviously it is time to respond to it. Very cool indeed! ❤️👍 Thank you!

  4. I'm used to seeing hummingbirds hovering near the brilliant red cape honeysuckle blooms, but for the past few days, I've seen one visiting the sky-blue flowers on my plumbago, a lovely surprise and a treat.

    Suzi, in disguise


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