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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A little public interest blurb for Libraries...

When we think of  libraries, we think immediately of printed books.  But the biggest revolution is happening in Access..  Access for the poor, and the other less connected citizens in a community.  Libraries have stepped into that gap and are succeeding in narrowing it for patrons.

Here's a link to a page from FireFox (Mozilla) that tells how it's helping to get the unconnected on the same page as the completely connected.  And, the greatest news is, as the article states, that 98% of all libraries are now offering free public WIFI.

This project is a very big deal for low income individuals and families.  Yay for Public Libraries!

HERE'S the link.  Go! Foxie!

Vets can meet up, here, and can do research in the special stack area of the library.
And they can also get help with their research.
This area is inside the new Downtown Main Library in San Diego.
This is just one of the connectivity projects at libraries.  This is really helping homeless vets to reconnect to the world and to buddies across the nation.  


  1. Coincidentally I show a library in my post today. I've loved libraries since I was a little girl.

  2. Libraries are what keeps our country from really going to the dogs. I'm with you. I've loved them since I was small, and they gave me BOOKS , to read. Wishing you lots of reading time!


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