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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday 9: A Sign of the Times- Harry Styles

Sign of the times

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love to answer the questions, however, and here is today's questions! 

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Saturday 9: Sign of the Times (2017)

... because Cat recommended Harry Styles  
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here

Cat and Gal, I like this song.  I also like this singer. Two thumbs up!

1) In this song, Harry sings, "We don't talk enough, we should open up before it's all too much." When you have something serious on your mind, who do you share it with?
I share it with Mr.Z, or with my internal God-like presence.  Buddha?  who knows!  CIA? 😲

2) As a kid, Harry wanted to be a lawyer because he can see "both sides." Are you good at seeing both sides of an argument?
I used to be, and in some cases I still am.  However, now I can't see how it is that there is even an "other side" to some arguments, so I quickly label them specious, at best.  Acknowledging that racial bigotry has an "other side" for instance is not helpful, nor right, to anyone, even the person that raises that "other side".  They are victims of a someone who came before them somewhere in the family LINE.

3) He can't decide which is favorite color -- orange or blue. Help Harry out: which of those colors do you prefer?
I can't chose between Orange and Blue.  One is a secondary color and one is a primary.  This question makes me nervous. *bites nails*  I'm not good at choosing between Primary and secondary colors.  Why would anyone mix red and yellow if it didn't make something equal or even better appear?  It's a quandary.  

4) Harry says he prefers older women, but would never go out with someone older than his mother. Do you think age disparity matters in romance?
In matters of the heart, I don't think that it does.  Some people are quite happy being married to someone from another generation.  I think that they should ALWAYS insist on pre nups though.  You want to know that special cuddly someone is not out to take your little house and little bank account, leaving you in tears in a few years.  Is that poetry?  Probably not....

5) He admits to a big crush on Adele, who is six years older than he is. Who are you crushing on right now? (It doesn't have to be a celebrity.)
I know someone I would like to PUT the crush on, in fact, several.  But a romantic crush, that would be with my Yarn and Fabric Stashes.  Mr. Z is not a crush.  He's a keeper.  Love him to bits!

6) It makes Harry's skin crawl when he sees people use their teeth to open bottles. What creeps you out? 
Well, now that you mention it, that one up there *points* creeps me out!  I don't really like blood, either.  But I am more used to it now.  Just don't bleed on me. Because after I throw up on the floor, I will also then, most likely, faint across your lap.

7) When he's on the road, his go-to food is tacos. Do you like Mexican food?
 I really do love Mexican food - real Mexican food.  Tex Mex, I don't like it so much. So, tacos.  Hmmm... don't go frying up my taco shells, please unless you do it in Organic, non-GMO oils. heehee  

8) Harry has never smoked. Have you ever been a smoker? If you quit, how did you successfully kick the habit?
I had smoked for awhile, a year or so, before marriage.  But, smoking made me sick when I got preggers.  So there was that.  Afterward, I smoked for about another year, as I started back up after the two older girls were born.  But then I quit again and suffered through the cold turkey method.  Funny how when it makes you sick, 😳  you can quit right away and never miss it. 😁

9) Random Question: As she pulls out of her parking space, an elderly woman in an old car scrapes an expensive car. Then she drives away. You witness the whole thing. Do you make a note of her license plate and leave it for the owner of the expensive car? Or do you just mind your own business?
I would make a note it.  She may not have even known she hit anything  (believe me this does happen to drivers of ALL ages) but it doesn't mean she shouldn't be responsible for the damages.   If a snotty Witchy, Type A car owner came out of the store dragging her maid behind her, and barking orders at her, I'd have to reconsider.  😉


  1. We have the same answer for #9...different wording, of course, but the same answer. :)

  2. Yarn is always a good crush, I wish I had thought of that! ;)

    And your color answer is fabulous! I had a difficult time deciding between the colors--but finally went with orange.

    1. I'm probably going to have to give that stash away to an heir but at least there is an avid knitter in the bunch. Three of the girls can knit, and one crocheted. Yes, that color thing was too harsh! I really like them both too much to not have a blue room (this one I'm in) and an orange one... soon to come I hope. *tiny Prayers go aloft*

  3. Lol. I see there is always a focal point in these things. Lol! Happy weekend Stacy! I HAVE to see yours now.

  4. I bought this cool mold that you can bake your own taco shells with. I'm not a fan of all of that fried stuff. I loved your orange and blue thought process.

    1. I'd like to know more about the mold. I think you can email me....checking......OK I added that fixture to the side bar.
      I was afraid that the color answer, like many others of mine would be TMI! So, I'm glad you two liked it. It really is a very big deal to me because the Mr. is green/red color blind and everything is sort of a muddy brown to him. He likes the blues though! But, He'll still argue with me over color! silly guy! lol

  5. I had a hard time thinking of a crush too, for similar reasons.

    1. I can understand that. I'm also way beyond crushing on celeb sorts of guys or anyone else but DH. Meh! Have a restful and butt crack free weekend! lol.. Ya, that would get to me, too. Ewww!

  6. I couldn't really think of a crush, either, so went with movie crushes. Not a fan of orange so that was an easy question for me.

  7. CountryDew. Different strokes... Orange is dazzling to me. I can wear it! Yellow and red, not so well.
    Movie crushes are great! And, I always forget to say, I love the headers that you create for your blog!
    A very Happy Sunday wished for you. I try to forget about the terrible news for as long in a day as possible. It's a survival thing....


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