Living in the Present

~❤️~"The Heart Hath it's Own Memory"~❤️~
William Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is best.
It only lasts a fraction of time.
The past can be a weird load of both Terror and Trivia.
And, the future is amorphous.
I'll take the Present.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We are not in the fires....

But it's complicated.  My nerves are giving out, after that freak show the Republicans have built in  Washington- WITH THE PEOPLE'S MONEY- following so closely on the illness and death of my daughter, the impact losing their sister has had on us and all of our daughters, and now these freaking fires, my nerves are all jingling and it doesn't sound like nice little sleigh bells.

Have a Happy and Merry Christmas, Yule, or whatever you celebrate.  I'll maybe see you for quick comments in Insta..  I think the world of you all.  Take care, and stay sane!

Here's a little story that might help to cheer you up.  It's nice that the NYT published it just now, right before the season of Joy.  The girls, now women, got back together and .... and it is a great American story......


  1. I feel like Trump is Scrooge and we're all vulnerable to be thrown into the poor house. I want to haunt him.

  2. We finally got the bottom of the barrel with our stupid contorted and easily hijacked voting system. It will take a revolution. Is that what they all want? They are going to get it!


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