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Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Whatever: Knitting finished, crochet to finish

So that I don't put off finishing to crochet this tablecloth.... I'll put it here like a sore thumb or a challenge.

80's Crochet Tablecloth wide

These are the cammo short fingered gloves for Bee-  I want to make all the others that aren't mitts with this pattern.  This is a worsted weight yarn.
Cammo short fingered gloves

This is the Aran sweater sleeve I've started. I still must finish both sleeves and also knit the yoke and flat knit the front and back above the split (the In the Round knitting) to complete the sweater body.

There was a few other things I was going to add to this but first to get Christmas put away.  I'm calming down a little and focusing on straightening out this craft ridden house.  I think the girls would be glad not to have to deal with all my stuff. ;o)  or not.....


  1. I need to post more photos of my finished objects. You've inspired me!

  2. I'm so glad to have done that! Post away! Hear that you had a "waterPipe" day at your school. Not a great things to have, but it means that you also got to stay home with your knitting.


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