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Monday, September 10, 2018

Women of Science.... Rejoice.....And God Yes, I am A Feminist!

DH sent me THIS link to me about Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell's story from the Live Science Site,

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins a Three Million Dollar Breakthrough Prize after having the been passed over for the Nobel Prize for her discovery of Pulsars.  THIS link is to her story on WIKIpedia..

And, I would like to bring to mind the story of another woman scientist, an X-Ray Crystallography expert who did X-Ray Diffraction studies, and actually discovered the structure of the DNA Helix.  She was passed over for a Noble prize in Chemistry related to her instrumental work on the structure of the DNA molecule.  Her name is Rosalind Franklin, and HERE is her story on WIKI.

This sign

has been on my (then) Sewing Room door since the 1970's when I first read about Rosalind Franklin.  I put it up in her honor.  It served as a daily reminder that Women get thrown under the bus even in America.

We have a crap system of dominance in place in this  world and it's been running things into the ground most likely since the dawn of time.  It has served us Ill.

There is one bright spot:  The Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago is named for her.   Go Chicago!

Ladies, Start Your Engines!

I suppose we should rejoice that we don't live anywhere near this event! Though, ''Tis Long ago and Far away it happened all the time... Bon Appetit!

C/o Hubble 
And as if that above isn't enough to worry about, look HERE for an article on Antarctica, which should get your adrenal glands hopping.  I'm expecting the whole continent to start rebounding, and guess what that does to the rest of the mantle.  Every hear a four masted sailing vessel groan and creak?  Well, Antarctica rebounding is not going to be quiet, nor will it be Pretty.

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