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Sunday, January 13, 2019

The destruction of Joshua tree...Edited to add.....

..A pdf map of the area, and information on the proposed urbanization of the southern border of Joshua Tree added at the bottom...


The Destruction on Joshua Tree has been a last straw for me.  I've camped there for over 50 years, first as a child, then with my own family, and again, recently, in retirement.

These brigands also cut a new road with their 4x4s.  I'm sure you saw all the photos.

I lay it all at the feet of Riverside County, who can't seem to say NO to a development that is cheek by jowl to the southern edge of the monument.

This development features 800 homes, plus commercial properties to support it, and is, basically, a new town.

This is almost half way to Twenty Nine Palms, and it's surrounded, mostly, by wilderness, so, in order to sell it, the developers had to provide a LOT of the support and infrastructure for a new town out there. 

Here is the latest on the fight to keep Urban Sprawl from Impacting the Park....


The place in Question....
PDF map of Joshua Tree National Park

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