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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Where's Tom? More Questions from SmackerBooken

Dear Bev, thank you so much!  I enjoy Sunday Stealing each and every week. Sometimes I just read everyone's stuff though...   But I don't love you, or any of the thieves any less!  
Pirates Thieves' Honor!

Readers:  If you go HERE, to the Sunday Stealing Blog, and you can see the questions.  You can also scroll down to a Linkie to see the other respondents.

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    Last beverage: Some Earl Grey tea.  I should go get some more now.

    Last phone call: It was to my sister, to see how she was doing.  Need to do that again.

    Last text message: my fellow Guildie and friend, Ms Kay.. She's a lot of fun to run around and howl with...

    Last song you listened to: I listened to part of a Miley Cyrus video just now, and it just re-enforced the fact that I don't like her singing.

    Last time you cried: Yesterday


    Been cheated on: No
    Kissed someone & regretted it: No
    Lost someone special: Yes
    Been depressed: yes
    Drunk hard liquor: Yes
    Lost glasses/contacts no


    Last time you saw your mother When she visited me in the Fall of 1983.  She wore her "Chinesey" (her word)" robe, a beautiful Orange silk "find" at a thrift store.  Mother was a great Thrift Store Maven.  The early morning light coming in through the great-room windows made it positively Glow.  That's the last time I saw her alive. 

    Have you ever talked to a person named Tom   Such a strange question.  And yes, I have.  I knew this person rather well, too.  For quite awhile he was a regular in our lives.  Then, as happens, he floated away on the tide one day never to return.

    Most visited Webpages The New York Times because I subscribe, and after that it's to the weekend memes with all the faithful posters here.. Meaning the blogs owned by the  Saturday Niners and the Sunday Thieves.  

    Will you be celebrating Fathers day? No, we have stopped doing this because all of our parents are dead, and our kids are far away.  When we happen to be in their town on the day, our girls  always make it special for Mr. Z.  It's sweet.

    When did you first realize you were an adult? When I finally kicked my PsycoDad out of my life.  I was 18, and this was well before 18 year olds were adults in the eyes of the law.  


  1. It sounds like a nice pleasant last memory of your mom.

    1. Thank you Bev, and it was. Of all the things I've forgotten, I'm glad it wasn't that beautiful moment with my mother.

  2. The memory of your mom sounds so nice! It really does stink to be an adult. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!


    1. Thank you Lori, it was and is, like a tiny time capsule. Just my mother and me. And, yes. Being an adult is hard: all the decisions that you made that caused this or that to happen or go wrong can really bite.
      Thanks for the wishes for a nice day. I hope you had one as well.

  3. Good memory of your mom. I am sorry you were sad yesterday.

    1. Thank you CountryDew. One of my best memories for the time we had together that day.
      "Sadness is something you just learn live with, and that's the long and the short of it", my Grandma used to say. Both of my Grandmother's lost their first babies, little girls, during the Influenza Epidemic. She never ever forgot her baby girl.

  4. What a nice image to have of your mother!
    I'm no fan of Miley, either.

  5. Thank you Stacy. I love that memory because we got to share some time all to ourselves that morning. She loved Orange, well, like you do. Her favorite color.
    Hope you have a sweet and not too hard week at work.


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