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Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Saturday, September 14, 2019

D,D,D, Dezi : Saturday 9

Simple and plain Saturday 9 so I can do it...   Sorry Sam!
Thank you, Sam, for this every Saturday!

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it  HERE

1) In this song, Desi Arnaz encourages us to laugh and sing instead of concentrating on our troubles. Is this an approach to life you could adopt? Or are you a worrier?  I don't worry about too much anymore.  I've learned how to live in the moment, and I stay right there.

2) Because Desi's public persona was carefree, people are often surprised to learn his early life was hard. In 1933, his wealthy family was targeted by Cuban revolutionaries. Their home was destroyed and were forced to flee the country. In Miami, they lived in a warehouse and 16-year-old Desi helped support the family by cleaning cages for the man who sold canaries outside a drugstore. Think about your friends and acquaintances. Whose life story turned out to be very different than you originally thought?  Some people who cheated on a spouse, blew up their families, and didn't end up any happier?  Yah, I know of a few. 

3) While still in his teens, Desi got his first job as an entertainer. As a boy in Cuba, he expected to be a lawyer, not a musician. He only began playing guitar because he noticed girls like musicians and he liked girls. Tell us about a hobby of yours, and what inspired you to pick it up.  My mother inspired me to sew from the time she and my aunts and grandmother all had a sewing circle. 

4) He discovered he was not only a talented musician but a natural leader. By the tender age of 19, he had organized The Desi Arnaz Orchestra and they were performing in Miami hotels. Have you ever been a boss? If so, did you enjoy it?
Never been a boss.  I would not like it.

5) When he was 23, he went to Hollywood to try his hand at movies and met a 28 year old actress named Lucille Ball. In Hollywood back in 1940, it was considered embarrassing for a woman to date a younger man. Their initial attraction was so powerful she quickly got over it. Do you think age matters when it comes to romance?
Not really.  I have a hard time imagining Desi being anything but a tyrannical monster so "romantic" isn't the first thing I think of his persona.

6) Desi was the first person to call that famous redhead "Lucy." Throughout her entire life, friends, family and coworkers always referred to her as "Lucille," as she preferred. But Desi insisted on "Lucy." He said that name was his and his alone. Ironically it became the way the world referred to her. Do you have a pet name for anyone?
I always called my oldest daughter, "Little Bird". 

7) Lucille and Desi named their son and daughter after themselves. Were you named after anyone?
No, though I my name is my mother's nickname.

8) Desi was the founding force behind Desilu. One of the first great production studios of the television age, Desilu grossed $15 million in 1957 (more than $135 million in today's dollars). He credited his success to his unconventional and creative approach to problems. Are you a good problem solver?

9) Random question: Who annoys you more, a know-it-all or an ignoramus?

Being Ignorant is no sin.  Being a know-it-all-ignoramus is.  So, I have to say to know-it-all's who don't:  Just admit it when you are wrong?  How hard is that?


  1. It would be nice if the President read your answwer to the random question

    1. Oh ye...please please please! But, can he actually read?

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head with #9. In my thinking, a know-it-all is one who doesn't know half as much as they think they do...and they tend to deliver their "knowledge" in a very condescending manner.

    Nice to see you joining in today, Zippi. It's not the same around here without you. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks, Stacy, for the warm welcome back.
      Yes, exactly as you say, know-it-all's don't just give an opinion. They deliver it as fact, and think they are infallible. Big difference. Enjoy the coming week. Have fun!

  3. I remember my grandmother darning socks, she had this egg-like devices that she put in the sock so that she could darn them.

    1. Hey there, Friend. Our grandmother's were both thrifty and crafty, I'll bet. I know mine were. My paternal grandmother taught me to knit properly, and to cure olives!
      I have a couple of those darning eggs. We had to learn to darn in jr high school in Home Ec. fun and tedious!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Gal. Thanks about Elle's nickname. She was a little singer when she was small. So I called her Little Bird. I still miss her.

  5. I love your answers! Especially #9.

    1. Why thank you Ms. Kwizgiver.😍 Random Questions are fun. lol

  6. I preferred working over being the boss, too. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Bud! Hope you have enjoyed yours and are in the Pink, and enjoying life. And yes, Bosses have to worry about just about everything. There's no fun in that, is there.

  7. Nice to see you, my friend. I hope you are doing okay. I took a different route on the random question, but oh well. I was doing these in a hurry, having been on a vacation and trying to catch up quickly.

    1. Oh so lovely! You had a getaway. Whoot! Vacations are always nice in the Fall to see the colors I reckon that's what you were out there doing, leaf peeping.

      I'll have to go have a look at your blog to see what you mean. Welcome back, to you as well!


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