~♥~ Happiness is a Do-It-Yourself Project~♥~

~♥~ Happiness is a Do-It-Yourself Project ~♥~

~♥~ Enough is as Good as a Feast ~♥~

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The cold that acts like flu, no I'm not thankful for that.

We were vaccinated for all the proper things and at the proper times, but Mr. Z was waylaid by a virus that also took down his two sisters.  It is extremely fast moving and it is nasty.

I've taken over all duties, and my only wish is that I wish people would stay home when they are sick. The three kids took care of their mother for two weeks in a hospital teeming with some pretty nasty stuff, but this came in from the direction of "law enforcement".  Gah!  Her children were there for every meal and fed her until she could eat on her own.

I am thankful that she is better and back where she needs to be, and.....I'm thankful that it's a short virus but beware: it can turn nasty so a word of warning in your shell like ears...

Please If you get this, and a lot of people are, do not ignore getting enough rest.  If it goes into your chest, don't let it stay there too long without seeing a doctor, unless you are getting gradually better day by day.  We don't want anyone dying an untimely death due to sneaky pneumonia, the likes of which killed the Muppet King, Jim Henson.

That's all she wrote!  See you asap.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Tails, last minute post: Pangolins, and End Bobcat Trapping in California

End Bobcat Trapping in California

Every time I see Bobcat fur lining a collar of a jacket or coat, I have to cringe.  There is no reason that every animal has to suffer numbers too small to replicate themselves with healthy offspring because someone thinks it looks cool on their coat, or because Chinese Medicine "requires"one of their body parts to crank up a gonad.  There, I said it.

People who like to eat endangered species?  You are on my list for extinction.  Stop it already!  Baby Pangolins are not a delicacy!  They are an endangered species.  If you love dogs and cats so much, love the Pangolins!  Please!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Music Monday- Let's go to the Jungle! MoZuluArt, "Imbube"- "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

I've never heard this rendition.  Gorgeous!  It's more like performance art with audience participation.  I love this!  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Everything you never wanted to know, and then some. Sunday Stealing

I'm going to catch p with everything tomorrow M'friends!

January 24, 2015
Easy A-Z
Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we try to credit the blog that we stole it from. We also provide a link to the victim's meme in our "Previous Victims" widget. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") Sometimes we edit the original meme, to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, to select the best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from this new meme or recently asked questions from a previously featured meme.
Cheers to all of us thieves!!!

Easy A-Z Meme

Stolen from: FYeah Surveys

A. What are your favorite smells? Pine trees, ocean waves breaking, cookies baking, a baby just bathed and powdered.

B. Can you go a whole day without caffeine? Yes, actually I drink very little coffee now.

C. Who knows more about you than anyone else?  My husband.

D. What song did you last listen to?  
This one. it's been an ear worm for a few days...

E. Do you wear socks to bed? Only when its 20 degrees outside and we are in the  RV.  

F. Can you change a car tire?  Yes.

G. If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose? Blue, but that means "every shade of", right?

H. Do you cook often? Not anymore but I've been cooking more in the last couple of weeks.  Fried rice, my favorite Chinese food.

I. What’s your least favorite season?  I love "The Wet", from approximately October through to mid April.

J. Can you sew?  I earned money as a seamstress for several years, so yes.

K. What is your favorite fruit?  Mangos

L. Are you health conscious? Very.  I feel that it is up to me to stay healthy because one never knows what's just around the bend.

M. Do you think you’re very conscious of the feelings of others or more self oriented?  I am very diligent about keeping in tune with others as without them life would be colorless and dull indeed.

N. Do you curse a lot? I really do not.  Its a personal preference. What I like about it is that it actually can keep things from escalating or getting blown way out of proportion, causing unforeseen consequences.
O. Do you remember lyrics easily? Very easily.  I also remember tunes easily.  Its a curse. I can and have written lyrics - on the fly - to music, Lord is that ever fun.

P. Can you roll your tongue?  Can't everyone?

Q. Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?  If I crave it for no reason that would be very weird.  I can't imagine what it would be.

R. What was the last book you purchased?  

S. Where was your last vacation?  We took off for the hills and Birding in Monterey county last year,  Being retired has it's perks.

T. Last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it?  "Le Chef", and yes it's a really crazy French Comedy that we loved.

U. Think of your oldest friend. If you met them now do you think you would still become friends?  Oh yes.  We have keep in touch since high school.

V. Paris, London and New York… which one would you live in, which would you visit for a day, which would you visit for a fortnight?  I'd live in Paris, Visit New York for a fortnight, and stay one day in London.

W. Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed? Closed.  The heater works better that way.

X. Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen? I broke some vertebrae being thrown off a bucking horse, broke a wrist falling out of a raised flowerbed.

Y. How do you like your eggs? I like them in fried rice with lots of green onions, or in a quiche with cheese and spinach.

Z. What was your last argument about and who with?  I don't argue anymore.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Komeekz- Health Care, the NNT site, and Passive Aggressive Funnie from Bizarro

Wheren't we just talking about this?  But of course this is irony and not so funny.  We are none of us happy about what's been going on around here with a family member.  I hope the BDG (Bad Doctors Group) just gives us a break, already!

Today I went to get a blood test, and ended up reading about a site called the  NNT  written by the Director of Clinical Research of Mt. Sinai's School of Medicine.  He helped to developed the site so that anyone can look at a drug to see the rate of success in treatment, the NNT, is for it.  I'm going to be studying this site to get an idea about the many things I take.  Here is a Guided Tour, and explanation of what NNT stands for.

Leave it to Bizarro!  
Have a great Sunday y'all!


First .... Saturday 9, YAY!

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: The Best Thing About Me Is You (2010)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) What would you say is your best quality?  I forgive, and eventually forget.

2) In this song, Ricky sings that he's "allergic to tragedy." Do you suffer from any allergies?  Yes

3) Benadryl, the popular allergy medication, is sometimes used to treat insomnia. What do you do when you can't sleep?  I take Benadryl because it is like a Twofer for me.

4) The lyrics to this week's song encourage us, "Don't wait until maƱana." Are you a procrastinator?  Not really, but I do put things off because other things loom so suddenly on the horizon.  For instance, I haven't been able to get to the Nursery to buy any plants.  Pretty soon, I'll have to buy five gallon size and dig BIG HOLES!

5) Ricky Martin is a judge on The Voice ... Mexico, aired on Mexican television. When you watch competition shows like The Voice, Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, do you usually agree with the judges? Or do you think you could do a better job?  Sorry, I just don't watch commercial TV so not those shows either.  I found about Susan Boyle on YouTube. 

6) Ricky tells interviewers that when he was very young, he'd sing in the family kitchen, pretending a wooden spoon was his microphone. Crazy Sam admits to lip synching into a black Magic Marker. When you gave imaginary concerts, what did you use as a microphone?   Because I learned to project my voice, like in a Choir, I never used a mike.  I sing acapella an awful lot. I should say, "sang".  Now I've had to lower my voice so much to be heard by my Dearest Heart, I've lost the top notes.  But that's life....  you adjust and keep the joy of knowing that once upon a time....  

7) Ricky began working at the tender age of 9, performing in commercials. How old were you when you received your first paycheck?  I was paid for piece work, as a carpenter.  He started one year before I did!  lol!  At age 10, I started with clean-up and - a kid's job- putting in the 1x1 board that makes a gap for the flooring- after dry-walling, it's removed. When I was 12 both my younger Bro and I moved to layouts, framing, building roofs, installing roofing, building doors and windows because they used to be framed in, at the finished carpentry work level.  I was nailing on new roofing on my birthday in 1978.  That's the last time I did that much work. lol  Reading all this, I think that's why I'm so crook now. hehe
 And Oh yes, it's like being sent to hell to do remodelling for me. 

8) Ricky does yoga to stay in shape. Have you ever tried yoga?
After I broke my back when I was 26, Yoga is what saved me.  I never got treated at all, well, it was tough then.  But "Lilias Yoga and You" came into my life, and I faithfully did yoga with her for years.

9) Ricky is of primarily Spanish descent, with a little French mixed in. When you think of French cuisine, what comes to mind?  That could be my dad's family, without the Native American.  Oh, my, french cooking is Julia Child!  I have her book and watched every show she had on KPBS. Cooking is a passion I cannot do anymore.  But oh when I was young I cooked and baked everything.. everything.  It was so much fun to cook!

Have a great Weekend all you Niners!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday 5 for the 23rd: Inflation

Friday 5 for January 23: Inflation

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

Sorry I’m late. Hectic week.

What are your thoughts on balloons?

Balloons are great, as long as they don't cause problems for birds,motorists or airplanes.   Balloon payments truly SUCK though.  They are predatory lending vehicles.

What has anyone said recently to inflate your ego? 
My ego never gets inflated anymore by what someone has said.  They just don't even try but it is nice to get a compliment now and again.

What’s something that recently let the wind out of your sails?
It was another medical thing.  But, I must say, it helped put everything in perspective, and the waters calmed.   I am just enjoying that no end.

What inflatable items do you have in your home?  Not a single thing in my home inflates.

Besides gasoline (because we’re all pleasantly surprised by that), what’s something whose price has been a surprise?  I was shocked by the price of lettuce, but then, there's a drought going, and almost half of the farm fields are farrow.

Thanks for participating, and have a breezy weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday5, I didn't know this was back up: Organizing and

I'm really happy that this is up and running.  *Dances in the Kitchen*

However, I picked up "something" along with the meme, in it's code, when I did a "copy and paste" and that something changed the font of my blog, so I just went back and did it a different way and all was well.

I want to put the button back up in the side bar, so I'm going to say this right up front.  Copy the questions into WordPad, Word Perfect, or something similar, first.

Just sayin' ......

This is from last week.  The one for this week is below it.

The Wee Blurb:

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5. Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

1. What is your approach to dealing with (or preventing) clutter? 
I keep all the living areas neat and tidy and as clean as possible, everyday, all day.  For other things, I've quite literally quit buying anything that would make things worse.  I will not look at most ads for my favorite craft stores, and I will not shop online for craft materials.

For Sanity's sake,  A line had to be drawn!  Meanwhile, IF I should have a fit of insanity about needing to go look at fabric, thread, close-out fleece (etc,etc,etc!) I just go into the SR and start weeding until my brain cools off.  I'm going slowly through the things in the SR to sort out items that are not for garments, quilts, scrapbooks, or card making.  Anything that doesn't have those little ear-tags is going out the door to a new home.

Clothing is going- I hang on to things for years and literally wear them out or, the obverse, I never wear them again after the event!  But there they do hang!   I'm going to be brutal and send the good stuff to new homes,as well as the recyclable things to the Goodwill - marked for recycled cotton yarns and making new park benches.

2. What kinds of (tangible) things do you seem to have an unreasonable time letting go of?
I have trouble getting rid of crafting materials, no matter what kind they are.  Re-using many paper products takes storage.  Also, being a quilter, it makes me see too many purposes in a scrap no mater how small.  I have to let go of such things.  Or get better storage for what I keep- or a little of both, toss and shelve.

3. If you could start completely over with your existing living space (and money were only a slight limitation), how would you make it more suited to you and your lifestyle?  
"Completely over" would be to remove the remodel.  I think that sounds good to me.  I'd just get rid of that and sell everything in it!  Not exactly back to nature but it would be less nerve wracking!   I want to be free of the overburden of fabric and antiquated jewelry tools!

4. How many standalone small kitchen appliances do you own, and how many do you use regularly?  Four, and though three of them get used only occasionally, what a nice thing it is to have them at hand.  The fourth is the coffee maker.  It's reaaaly handy!

5. What does your current living space really need more of?  Shelving on all the walls of the SR and the walls of the beading space in the great room. With shelving I could house everything I need to keep.  I wanted an active crafting life in retirement, and even though there have been some big hurdles, three big surgeries for one thing, it's something I still want.  If I have to stay here, in this house, shelving is what I want.  I have to make it happen.  I am not happy when I'm not creating things.

Friday5 for the 23rd.  Has not turned up by 11:00 PM, so I'm not sure that January 22 is coming very soon.  So I'll let this one post and look for the other tomorrow.  

Have a Great Weekend!

Five Minute Friday: Share

Kate's blog is on the Five Minute Friday Button in the side bar.  When you get to her blog, click the home tab,and you will see the latest prompt word.  Today, of course it is ,"share".

The rules are simple.  Write, flat out for five minutes, not worrying too much about structure, punctuation or spelling.  Just write about what ever comes to your mind in the theme of the prompt word for five minutes.

Then go to the link up at Kate's, and leave your link.  Then be sure to leave some encouragement for your neighbor FMFer.  This very fun to do.

When I was a baby girl i had to share a room with my cousin who was 7 months older than I was.  We were like little sisters growing up at our Grandparents farm.  Boy could we ever get into trouble!
When i was older i had to share with my brothers, and then a little sister.  We shared terror and sometimes a lot of joy, especially when we were able to ride our bikes up by the dam or down to the big river and play in the willow trees.  My brother and sister and I also shared a bedroom because the tiny house we lived in was built from an old chicken coop and only had two tiny bedrooms.  There were four of us at the time because our brother Andre was still alive. I distinctly remember two women coming to check up on us when mother went to to work one day.  They were asking us a lot of questions, but I was old enough to know who they were.  They were from child welfare, but I had cleaned the house, and we were playing in the yard when they came by.   I didn't share with them.

We shared the chores of feeding the rabbits and chickens but oddly my brother never had to do the dishes which I thought was terribly unfair.  but we also shared a big bag  of fruit and sugared cereal when we went to the movies about every other Saturday.  We worked for quarters to be able to have a candy bar we could split that, too.  My brother sister and i are still really close, and we all share the same sort of ironic sense of humor.  It's been lovely to have siblings to share life with.  that's it. all the time!

this was written by hunt and peck method on the net book, and I hope you can read and enjoy what I've shared about my family life with my brother and sister.
Have a happy weekend and  remember to keep in touch, if you are able, with your family, and the cousins, too.

Thankful Thursday: Rock "Candy" and Memories from the Dusty Past

I'm grateful for my teachers.  From my very first one, my mother, to all the others that came after her.  Mother, in her quiet way, taught me to be kind to all the animals and to appreciate and respect their lives, as long as they weren't eating her garden vegetables, she lived in Peaceful harmony with them.

She taught me that having friends who were more like sisters was one of the greatest joys of being a woman.  She treasured her friends and many of them were her friends for life.  I'm grateful for friendships that have lasted so long.  Not that we have constant contact but you know that someone out there loves you like proper FAMILY.  The tie is strong and lasts decades.  My Aunts by Decree where just as devastated by mother's sudden untimely death as where her blood sisters.  She helped so many people in her volunteering, as a councilor at All Anon, and other places.  Mother taught me to give without holding back.  She taught me that we were ALL family.

There are a lot of memories in this plate
I'm truly thankful for all the years we were able to share this interesting and fulfilling Rockhounding hobby with friends.  One of our club's Rock Hound faceting masters taught me how to facet gem materials, and many others taught us the best way to make cabochons and even free forms.

We learned a lot from all of them, including taking a master's course in Gemology from FGAs in  The Gemological Society of San Diego, which probably doesn't exist anymore, or perhaps it re-merged with San Diego Mineral and Gem.

I'm grateful for all the people who helped me to learn the craft of Ceramics, from pouring molds, to firing a kiln, and knowing about clay bodies, and the proper things to look for when combining glazes.

I'm grateful for my teachers - so very grateful.  What they taught me helped me in Life and in running a business, and kept me from making egregious errors about materials and semi precious beads!

This little bitty teapot has fond memories for me.  It's the one that my mother made syrup in every Saturday morning when she made us pancakes.  Brown sugar, water and flavorings would boil in it until we had a delicious tasting syrup for our pancakes.  Fresh every Saturday, and no preservatives!

I found it when clearing out things in the kitchen this morning.  It prompted this Thankful post.  It made me remember my mother's thrifty and wonderful ways, her generosity with friends and strangers, and her kindness.

"The Heart hath its own memory, like the mind,
And in it are enshrined
The precious keepsakes,
Into which is wrought the giver's loving thought."
~♥~Henry Wadsworth  Longfellow~♥~

A Poem For My Friend
Did I hear your whispered confession, in the center of my heart?
Those softly spoken sorrows forced through the tattered remnant of your soul,
That night they nearly killed you with their weapons of control?

Was it you that I heard? Where are you now?
What cast you down so close to me in that dreamland of astonishment we both inhabited?
That place where I felt your wretched anguish at having been left behind
Without me?

To Steve, who taught me how artistic and sensitive a Gear Head could be.  Thank you Buddy.