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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Next project A little wire hanger Christmas tree. UPDATE


*~*I found a web site HERE that shows the whole process.  I love this gal.   She's so down to earth and, well, crafty. *~*

All you do with this six hanger apparatus is wrap it with some fuzzy garland, then stick on whatever else pleases you on the outside of that. You can see that it is tie-wrapped at the top( which I will take off during the wrapping and do with wire, and at the center. It makes a sweet looking lighted tree for a kitchen counter. Have you started your Christmas crafting yet? It's closer than you think!

There's a bigger tree you can make with an upturned Tomato cage, using the same sort of techniques. It's taller and slimmer. The ends that you usually stick into the ground are wired together and a tree topper hides them from view. There you are, two trees that you can make in a jiffy with sale stuff from Michaels. Enjoy!
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I was going to do a tutorial but found Beth's and it's perfect. This is a very pretty little tree.

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