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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Catching up a bit...ceramics,belly flowers, Birdie blah blah

I missed the cartoon for today..  sorry but I have ones from "Non Sequitur" and "Pearls Before Swine", both strips are from the GoComics.com, if you are interested in hypergrabby sites,  which I'll try to post later.

We all need to laugh!  A day without the comic pages is like a day without water.  I love the cartoonists in this life!  I'd like to be funny and good enough to make my own but I've yet to find the talent in me.

But I have some ceramics from this week on Tuesday morning before all the Drama!  The tall pumpkin Halloween thing came out truly well!  I'm so happy to have it finished.

Whew!  It made it through a glaze fire the kiln!

 And the shell left from the accident to a large snail is very pretty.   It will go on the birdbath apparatus when It's finished in sometime this Summer or Fall.  First the outside, done with Crystal glaze called Autumn Leaves (what else?).  It was done with the left over glaze from that big African Violet Pot done earlier - last year.


Flipside!  :o)

The second shell.  It's done in Duncan's Ivory Balique glaze, and it glows.
This is the second shell to go on the birdbath and be filled with water for all the birds.  We got another Hooded Oriole for the last two days that sang his song to attract back his mate.  He has been alone for a few days, so I fear the worst.  Maybe they were just too young, sporting 1st year plumage and all.  The Chipping Sparrows are still here, which is nice.  They have started staying all summer.  They flock into the giant geranium just outside my window and search out bugs.

We have a lot of birds com to the garden: two species of hummingbird, and the little daily visits from the Bush Tits, Says and Black Phoebes, and a mockingbird that has a nest nearby, the doves whose babies fledged last week, and some others I can't remember.  They are very entertaining little visitors.  We both love birds.  Here's a picture of a Cassin's Kingbird taken on the way home from Ceramics, in a parking lot, right into a bright sky.  He was right at the top of a rather tall tree.

Lucky snap!
And now, a belly flower....

I don't know for certain what this is but it looks like a Speedwell.
of some sort or other!
Another tiny belly flower from the Rec Center.  People walking by probably think I'm deranged, as I walk along the side walks looking for what I know can be a treasure trove of belly flowers.  Anytime there are wild lands close by, in a canyon, for instance, you will find that birds can carry all sorts of interesting new flowering plant seeds up to the verges of a walkway. 

I am getting better.  The meds from my Adventure have worn off, finally, and I am full of energy but must rest for one more day.  OK, actually I'm a little tired.  Need Caffeine!  hehehe

I haven't knit at all.  But I think about it a lot!  There was a very neat article in the paper today about gardening for Oldsters, written by a local expert and nursery owner.  DH needs to read it so I can then ply him with requests to get another raised bed in the side yard. 

Off I go to rest and look for new birds in the Cape Honeysuckle bushes.  Oh did I mention the Towhee pair?  It comes for baths.  I'm old, I ramble.  I hope that all the spelling and punctuation is correct, but heck, I need to eat!  Tata for now!


  1. That white shell is gorgeous! and yay for the pumpkin house - it's so much fun.

  2. Your photos are wonderful and your post made for a good read. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. K, thank you for your nice comments. :) The piece isn't as dark as the photo makes it look. Bad photograher! hehe

  4. Thank you for the nice comments and the blessing, Mary. I've had too much excitement, and I think I'll just knit today! lol


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