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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ceramics chit chat

I lost another post!  You would think that BY NOW  I would have learned to not post from this idiotic (Piece of Patak) netbook!  At least I know what to call it from now on! 

These are two examples of Roseville Rozane pottery, of which I had a lot to say, but, *emits high screaming sounds*  I was going to link the photos to their sellers but I've seen them all over the web this am, and my brain is obviously still in scrambled egg contortion. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, as I rebuild the post, you can look at this fun thing, a miniature airport added to the insanely huge model railroad in Germany.  Looks like fun to me!

Miniatur Wunderland on Devour.com

Try it?  This link comes c/o Mz. Pina, always fun.

Beautiful Rockville pitcher using ancient decorating technique


  1. I was not aware that you spoke Klingon.

  2. heehee

    Yes, but only a little. I have two Klingon dictionaries..... somewhere.... but the swearwords are hard to forget!


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