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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Backyard Bird watching 10 minutes program and knitting.

This wasn't supposed to post!

EDIT: I've edited this to include this picture of a young sharpie - too big and the eyes were light eyes.  It was a young Cooper's Hawk.

It sat on our fence, minutes ago, trying to catch a Chipping Sparrow or English House Sparrow in the mixed flock that was gathering seeds from the piles of drying weeds.  The hawk flew over my head, off the roof and landed on a different place on the fence, and stayed there.  I walked slowly out, and it didn't fly away.  I said,"You aren't afraid of me are you?".  It sat there for several more minutes, the two of us at peace, then turned and flew away over the rooftops.

I wondered why the Allen's Hummingbird was no where to be seen!  I also heard a Lesser Gold Finch, saw two Mourning Doves, heard a Mocking Bird, the one who usually sits at the top of the Cape Honeysuckle, singing for a mate.

OK back to the original Post:

I decided to go to THIS PLACE called "Celebrate Urban Birds" at  the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  But I can't enter many birds I see, because they aren't looking for a lot of them.  I was disappointed.  I want to report all the species that I see in my backyard, actually I count my whole yard because it's so little. 

But I wanted to share this with you so that you can get in on it, if you wish, and help them to get a better idea of how their target birds are doing in cities.  I watch in the afternoon from about 3 to 5 pm, but only count birds for 10 minutes.  It seems the best way, I suppose so that the little "come and go" bird flocks don't get counted 24 times.  I'm thinking of watching later so that I can report the Bushtits and the Lesser Goldfinch, plus if I HEAR a bird, I'm counting it!  Oh well.

Mostly I'm vacuuming and knitting today.  And I'll clean up more of my junk.  You know,  I'm out to disturb the urban spiders a bit.  Should I count them?

I'm trying to figure out if I should block pieces of the sweaters before sewing them together or just block on the manikin, or the sweater blocking frame.  Any answers will be appreciated.  You can email or comment here about your best methods.  Please, I need the help.  I never blocked the sweaters I made, I just knit them and they fit.  I was probably incredibly lucky!

Here's a Cooling Shot from the New Mexico Blue Agate trip, for all the victims of the Heat Wave...

Make it BIG!  Dive in and make a snow angel....

Have a happy day, and a cooler day. 


  1. My advice would be to use your steam iron and gently steam dampen the edges to be seamed. Pat them flat and let dry. Do not touch iron to sweater! You also may want to make a paper pattern to steam the sleeves, and fronts, if this is a cardigan. That way, both pieces will turn out the same size. I bought those foam rubber interlocking blocks to use for blocking, and found they were well worth the money invested.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will do this. I have a cold steamer that I'll try, before the steam iron, and some impervious paper to make a pattern with. DH asked me sometime ago if I wanted the scraps from some of those interlocking blocks he'd bought before the Whitney trip for the bed of the truck. I will take him up on getting me more of them. You have made my day!


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