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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tails: Wolfie still itchy. Personal RANT on healthcare.

I put his Yellow T shirt back on him.  I must sew him some more, and soon.  He's not quite so itchy now.  Oddly, I certainly am!

Begin Rant:

I didn't get a stress test today;  I got shunted off to another doctor in the system, since the one I wanted, I.E. the one who did the angiogram, and cared for me then as well (as on the last little emergency trip) is on another "spoke of the same wheel".  I SO love bureaucratic red tape and turf wars!

I'm royally PO'd.  This means that I'll see this new Doctor twice, which is very expensive, indeed.  PLUS, I need to do well on a stress test so that I can get my life back which was what kept me going for all these days!

 I don't like being on an invalid list, and yes, you can read that word two ways.  For instance, an invalid driver's license can also get you "arrested", so to speak, which can also be read two ways for "detained pending further investigations" or as in "cardiac arrest".  Words!  Don't you just love them?

So, I guess it's "Let Go and Let God", or maybe even "Go with the Flow".  I'm still pretty po'd.  I almost lost my temper with the scheduling nurse, but I thought, "This isn't her fault."  I just swallowed all that bile and trudged onward.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

I did something much more fun.  The tiny "water baby" African Violet (from a leaf) got a new home.  The nifty fork tool I learned to make from my mom.

You can make this collage bigger.

This picture is a collage because Diana makes them on her blog, and they look absolutely stunning!  Mine's less ambitious but it certainly saves space!  Thank you to Diana at Elephant's Eye Blog for the idea, and I'm totally stealing it!

"Little Fish turned Land Animal" is still going well.  I love the way African Violets make babies.  In fact, I envy them.  A baby, in water, but outside the body and from a piece of the original is lots easier!  Doesn't that make a lot more sense?

Secondly, I think I'll go fondle my fingerless mitt project.  or all the UFOs.  All of them I think.  It brings down the blood pressure.

And, finally, I'll  put another smile on the Jamaica colors sock monkey.  It had this sad little smile, and needed a better one.  I only wish I could put dimples on it to match the ones on the little girl receiving it.

Adventures in Housekeeping:

Having just finished wrestling a shower-curtain-gone-bad to the shower floor, tossing it in the trash, and taking it back out again to re-cycle, I then put an older "reserve" curtain back up and "rebuilt" several stainless steel clips with my bare hands.  I'm going to brag now.  My arms are so darn strong lately that it isn't to be believed.  Score A+ for fitness training!   The old, OLD shower curtain will now be reduced to a painter's drop cloth or worse, a garden weed killer. I needed to punish something, and it started the fight!

All the last ranting aside, may you walk with beauty all around you!  I'm going to go outside and stare at the sky...

Protea in UCSC Aboratum


  1. Ack! Doctors' offices in general! I go to the doctor I do because she's in an old house. It's becoming a busier place, but the sterile atmosphere is very subdued.
    I guess I should take starts off all my violets. They have been profoundly mistreated, and look it.

  2. Ack! I agree back! But, your doctor is like the ones in England, well, the ones we see in their sitcoms. Doc Martin. hehe

    Oh, African Violets are such hardy little devils. And give the water babies thing a try. So far, the two leaves of the new baby are still growing. Fingers crossed because I cut the "mother" leaf off today. I'm never sure how long to leave it attached. If anything happens, I'll just try again. It takes about a month for the roots to sprout and new leaves to form under water.


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